Psychic Answers: Riding the 2012 Wave

2012 mania is everywhere, as the date fast approaches, with no two people agreeing on what’s to come. We decided to sit down with our psychics and get a broad spectrum of opinions on what the best thing one can do to prepare for the coming date is.

Lucy ext. 5353 replies:

“The very first and probably most important thing to do is to learn to use the sun as a grounding tool, as an anchor. 2012 is sure to be a year of more earth changes geographically. That translates into earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanos. Not to worry, here’s the full grounding program, and it’s easy…

“Upon awaking every morning, starting this morning, begin by taking a slow deep breath in through your nose, out through your mouth. Stand with your eyes shut and picture the sun in the base of your spine. Then, in your mind’s eye, picture a ship’s anchor going from the sun into the core of the earth. Watch as the anchor goes down through the earth and hits the floor, grounding itself deep into the core. When you feel that the anchor is secure, take another breath and slowly open your eyes. You will feel so grounded that even if someone comes over to you and tries to push you, you will not be moved.

“The metaphor is this: You will not be moved. Not by the earth shifting or people acting rashly. You will be grounded in your own glory. All of the earth shifts will be creating fear amongst people. Remember this affirmation: You are divinely protected, and exactly where you should be right now. Those are the tools from me to you. God Bless.”

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