The Mars-Venus Connection

What Men and Women Look for in a Mate

Venus and Mars both play an important part in the person we choose for a mate and why we choose them, and they can ultimately be telling how a relationship will grow and thrive.

When it comes to love, Venus rules the romantic and Mars rules the physical. That gives you the basic understanding of their power, however, how a woman and man use these planets in choosing love is really quite different. A man will find out all he needs to know by his Venus sign; a woman will need the aid of both Venus and Mars to make the perfect connection.


For men, Venus represents all that he looks for in his perfect relationship, his significant other, and the woman of his dreams.

For women, Venus reveals the type of man she is likely to use her feminine wiles on for various reasons, including attracting a mate. Her Venus connection is nothing less than intuitive, and she can quickly sum up how to get that raise from her boss, how to get the best price on a car, all by how she reacts to you and you react to her. She instinctively knows how to use her femininity to its full advantage. However, for a woman looking for love, we must also look to her Mars sign to find out what she really wants in a man.


For a woman, her Mars sign reveals the type of man she secretly wants. Here she learns if her knight in shining armor is a strong and staunch protector, or a thoughtful and romantic provider. It is the secret to finding what she really needs to be truly fulfilled in a long-lasting relationship. She uses Venus to attract attention, but it is Mars who will signal when she has found the right romantic partner.

For men, his Mars sign tells us what makes him attractive to women, the part of him that draws the attention of a woman who is looking for the very thing he has most to offer in a relationship.

For instance, a female with Mars in Scorpio seeks a man whose essence oozes commitment, to his job, his family, and his life. She admires his passion. On the other hand, a male with Mars in Scorpio attracts a woman who loves his unwavering dedication and his assuredness, and the type of woman that wants to give you the tenderness your staunch character may appear to lack.

Your Sun, Moon, Venus and Mars signs can reveal a lot about how you interact with your significant other, and outline the dynamic of your relationship. To find your Venus and Mars signs, you need only know the day of your birth. Having a birth chart cast by a professional astrologer can help you understand yourself better, what you need and expect in your life, and how you relate to those around you, which can only enhance your relationships with others be they friends, co-workers or lovers.

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  2. nolene

    It Seems like your thinking about finding a guy way too much. It also sounds to me like u know u need to lose some weight otherwise u wouldnt have mentioned it. Maybe the guys u meet are picking up on your negative vibes!

  3. Barbara Rekowski

    I have been single over 3 years. I have several male friends who at times others think it is more than that. I get frustrated that others in our 12 step fellowship are “finding” each other if that makes sense. Even jealous at times. I say it outloud in humor, but it is not funny anymore. They say stop looking someone will find you! Where do I go? I do not drink, go to a laundromat or church. I am busy w/volunteer work and support groups. Help!! Oh I have gained mega weight since I have been on meds these past 3 years. I am everyone’s friend and no one’s girlfriend!


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