Psychic Answers: 2012—A Year of Transformation

With 2012 fast approaching, we decided to ask our psychics a crucial question: What should people be doing to prepare? The answers we got were striking.

Jesse ext. 9027 replied:

“2012 is not going to be nearly as amazing or challenging as 2011. Our current year will see transformations on all fronts. Even the planet is transforming! In 2012, we will be trying to balance back from the powerful transitions that 2011 will bring us. The very best thing to do for any kind of preparation is to make sure you have a real ‘bug out’ kit (or an emergency kit with water purification tablets, etc.) and make sure that you have kept close the people you can really count on. Never before will the power of love and devotion be truly experienced and appreciated as it will be in the next 18 months!”

Marin ext. 5113 says:

“Whenever I need greater clarification of messages I telepathically receive, especially in regards to the broad subject of ‘2012,’ I often look to other scholars, mediums, and books for additional background information, as these perspectives offer a comparison to the information I receive from my guides. The Great Shift: Co-Creating a New World for 2012 and Beyond by Patricia Cori is a book that I recently discovered which offers thought provoking expatiations and insight, while keeping away from the fear-based hype of ‘2012.’ Not only does this book equip you with the ability to understand the new consciousness of humanity, it also provides practical ways to help you prepare for momentous shifts in our vibration. If you have considered reading any book to increase your understanding of 2012, this is the sole book I would recommend.”

Shamira ext. 5125 says:

“My first psychic impression to prepare for the year 2012 is to be financially secure with our funds and to not utilize unreliable sources for that security. A second sense is to honor our own psychic abilities and instincts when our spiritual side calls to us. Being in stable relationships during this time and being with others that support our well-being is essential. I do believe we all have a special calling and now is the time to use these gifts during this time.”

Justine ext. 5402

“I have always believed that one should celebrate each day as if it is their last. We should always make sure our loved ones know they are appreciated and how much we cherish them. We should take each day as a blessing and a gift. Leave no regrets behind. If we live our life in peace and celebration, then we are always prepared for what tomorrow may bring.”

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3 thoughts on “Psychic Answers: 2012—A Year of Transformation

  1. Aniezt

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  3. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    We are all in for a rough transition period over the next 2 years….time to prepare and buckle up ! for a bumpy ride.

    Things we maybe took for granted, for decades, will change, seemingly, overnight. Especially in the area of finance and the financial markets & job markets, thus causing more stress and hardship on us all, and require more of an effort to conserve. Costs, for almost everything, from groceries, utilities, and essentials, will continue to rise as the middle class steadily shrinks away.

    Natural disasters, floods, tornados, volcanoes, earthquakes all will serve as a reminder that the ” Earth ” itself is in transition.

    We will continue to reap the effects of man-made disasters, polution, and over population….if there ever was a time to go green and conserve, it is now, before we reach the tipping point of no return.
    If we do not change in an aggressive way, quickly, Earth will no longer be able to sustain existing creatures, including human beings. And when Mother Earth has had enough, she will shake us off, like a dog shaking off water, and start over….without us….as she has done before in the past. Whole civilations have died out before….this is just a cycle, but a cycle we can prevent.

    National security terrorist issues will take center stage again as well.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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