Your LOVECAST®: Reveal Your Inner Flirt

Your Love Horoscope

Clear communications are the key to success in love after Venus transits into brainy Gemini on Thursday (through July 2). It’s time to reveal your inner flirt, either with your sweetie or someone new. If you’re paired, a heartfelt talk will clarify your relationship. During the weekend, Moon in sultry Scorpio revs up the passion in romance, but watch out for jealousy, secrecy and power struggles. Best days for socializing: Thursday, Saturday and Sunday.

Aries Love Horoscope

Aries, your intellect makes you irresistible during Venus in Gemini, so share your brainpower, humor or insightfulness to attract someone special. Romance can be found while traveling or online. If you’re paired, a romantic getaway or learning something new together will inspire your relationship. Passion soars this weekend, but feelings may be complicated.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Venus in Gemini brings out your playful side, which you can use to fire up activities in the boudoir. A discussion about money can improve your relationship, and keep your eyes open for a moneymaking opportunity. This weekend, you’re particularly in tune with your lover (or potential lover) on Saturday. Sunday is steamy!

Gemini Love Horoscope

Gemini, you’re a magnet for both love and friendship after Venus enters your sign on Thursday (through July 2). Your natural way with words makes you especially attractive. Socializing can bring opportunities. Feelings are chaotic on Wednesday, but Thursday is an excellent time for a twosome tryst. Revealing your emotional depth inspires love this weekend.

Cancer Love Horoscope

Reminiscing about the past can bring you closer to your sweetie during Venus in Gemini. It may also help clarify an issue you’ve been struggling with. A serene environment will inspire love. A past-life connection may become apparent during a dream or meditation. This weekend, Cancer, take a creative or daring approach to ignite passion.

Leo Love Horoscope

A friend or group activity can be instrumental in bringing romance during Venus in Gemini. If you’re paired, partying with friends or participating in a group project together will inspire your relationship. Admirers surround you on Monday and flirting accelerates romance on Thursday. A homey date or hosting a gathering of friends brings joy this weekend.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Sharing your expertise in a professional environment can bring a romantic encounter during Venus in Gemini. A career opportunity may come your way as well, especially if you network with people who can assist you. Virgo, you may get irritated easily on Wednesday, however. Some witty (or naughty!) verbal exchanges will intensify passion this weekend.

Libra Love Horoscope

Venus in Gemini traveling through your sector of higher learning and long-distance travel may bring a potential paramour from afar or through a class, spiritual group or cultural event. A romantic rendezvous can bring delight on Thursday, while a serious talk is favored on Friday. An exotic trip or locale will bring/inspire romance this weekend.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

Verbalizing your sexual needs/desires can deepen romance during Venus in Gemini. In the meantime, Scorpio, watch willfulness on Monday and Tuesday. Socializing is unpredictable on Wednesday, but an artsy or whimsical ambiance will inspire romance on Thursday. The Moon in your sign heightens your mystique (and fuels a passionate romp!) during the weekend.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Venus traveling through Gemini accelerates your ability to attract someone compatible, if you’re open to meeting someone special. If you’re paired, shared activities can bring you closer together. A miscommunication may unhinge love on Wednesday. Socializing can bring romance on Thursday. An intimate, romantic setting fires up passion this weekend!

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Romance can be found through an activity connected to your work during Venus in Gemini. Volunteering your time to an organization can bring a romantic interlude as well. A sexy tryst will bring delight on Monday, but mixed messages disrupt love on Tuesday. You’ll likely find love during a friendly gathering or community event this weekend!

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Venus in Gemini can set off fireworks in your romance sector! You’ll likely meet someone intriguing while at a party, show or club. Aquarius, getting creative between the sheets will set passion ablaze, especially on Thursday. During the weekend, a public event can bring romance, but you may need to examine the source of some mixed messages.

Pisces Love Horoscope

Socializing is centered around your home during Venus in Gemini. Sprucing up your abode will inspire romance and show off your artistry. Hosting a dinner party will bring satisfaction. You’ll likely feel a bit off balance on Wednesday, though. Your intuition guides you in love this weekend, when romance may be found online or during a spiritual gathering.

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