Psychic Q&A: My Husband Cheated On Me

Should She Take Him Back?

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Dear Psychic Reed,

In April of this year, I found out my husband cheated on me with a woman who lives 12 miles away. To make matters worse, she threw the fact that my husband cheated on me in my face and my husband even lived with her for a while. He and I made a few attempts to try and make our marriage work, but we’ve failed and now we have lawyers and upcoming court hearings. To make things even more complicated, my husband wants to come home! I’m scared and sad. I would be letting go of a 14-year marriage if we divorced. But if we reconciled, I would be letting a cheater back into my home. Your advice is appreciated.


Psychic Reed ext. 5105 responds:

Dear D.W.,

What a difficult situation to be in! When I tapped into your energy, I could feel your sense of loss and I could tell that this stress has certainly taken its toll. First and foremost, find opportunities to focus your energy on yourself when you can. At this time, pouring energy into your cheating husband will only drain you further.

When I meditated on your husband, I sensed a deep spiritual imbalance. An imbalance like this tends to drain those around him and you can’t afford that right now. Your intuition already told you not to let him come back home just yet and it was right. You are very sensitive to energy flow and living with him right now could have a negative impact on you. The imbalance can be fixed, but until it is, it would be easier if you kept a little distance.

In the meanwhile, take some time to nurture the scared and sad parts of you. Your fear is a sign from your intuition. It’s saying, “Your husband cheated on you. Don’t let him back in yet.” The sadness is part of your mourning, and I can feel the pain in your heart. However, letting him come home will not stop the mourning. Whether or not you take him back, he still betrayed you and all that you’ve endured will not vanish just because he’s back.

Whether you take him back or not, one chapter of your marriage is over and mourning is only appropriate. Be gentle with yourself and give yourself time with it. You invested in this relationship and it can feel like such a waste when you end up betrayed. However, like the tide and the seasons, some things are not permanent but are never a waste of time.

If you continue as you are now, I see you being able to peacefully surrender your past investment and let go of the remaining judgment you have toward yourself. This is your path to peace and you will find yourself happy and whole again in the future without him.

If you decide to, you could salvage the marriage by insisting on a counselor, therapist, relationship coach, support group or some form of professional intervention in the near future. I meditated on your marriage from every angle I could, and I did not see a way for this to work without outside help. He needs to gain better emotional skills and outside intervention will give him some healthy tools to use within the marriage. He does not have the ability to gain these skills on his own and you could sure use the support of a relationship professional. You husband wants to come home badly enough that he will participate, so you have the ability to make this happen if you choose.

Peace and many blessings.


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