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With the housing market on its current slowdown both in the United States and United Kingdom, our psychics report that they’re getting an increase in calls beginning with the generally frantic question, “When will my house sell?”

When it comes to real estate, one Empath and Tarot reader who specializes in business questions, suggests that a psychic reading can be eye-opening. “We have the ability to see what’s coming up in a caller’s future and we can look for changes that may be required for a positive outcome.” The psychic reports that she can give readers an indication of when they might make a sale, and whether or not the asking price for the house is on target.

Mary Beth (not her real name) called the psychic from her suburban Ohio home in the US, which had been sitting vacant on the real estate market for nearly five months. The house had been updated recently by a popular interior designer, and Mary Beth was quite sure that it was priced right. Her problem, Mary Beth believed was her real estate broker. Both she and her husband had decided that an intuitive opinion might help them come to a conclusion about what to do. Their real estate agent, by reputation, was supposed to be the best, but they had their reservations about the situation. “Should we get a new broker when the contract runs out?”

The psychic tuned into the question with her Clairvoyance and Tarot cards which she says open up her psychic senses. She got the feelings and images she needed to answer her caller’s question. The Intuitive described the broker as a balding, heavy set man with olive skin, with the initial “I” in his name. I see him as an agent for high end properties. He has rich clients. He signed on to sell your more modest house in an effort to take on extra business. He’s not giving your home the attention it needs to sell.”

Mary Beth was happy to report that her psychic had, in fact, described her broker and that his last name, did begin with the letter “I.” “This is it!” Mary Beth exclaimed. “It’s time for me to find another broker.”

“When will the house sell?”

“Two to three months after you find another realtor,” the intuitive predicted. She then described the new agent as a young women in her late 20s. “Don’t let her age put you off. She’ll work hard to sell the house. She’s blonde and her name begins with the letter ‘J’, like Judy.”

“What else do you see?” her enthusiastic caller asked.

“Two doctors with a family will buy the house. The sale will move quickly. They will probably be settled into the house within two months after the papers are signed.”

“Okay,” Mary Beth said as she thanked the intuitive for the information. “I have some work to do.”

Several months later, the psychic heard from Mary Beth again. Her client had gotten a number of referrals and hired a new broker. “I actually didn’t realize that you had predicted that her name would start with a ‘J’ until after we sold the house to a couple who are doctors! I took out the notes from our reading because I couldn’t believe how right you were about that. My broker’s name is Julia!”

It was the psychic’s accuracy that convinced her client to take the steps necessary to find a new realtor. “Now,” she said anxiously, “I have another question for you. My husband is thinking about going back to school. What do you see?” she asked, as the Empath and card reader began to look for the answer.

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