Finding the Path Through Chaos

Your head is reeling, it feels as if your life is a mess and you don’t know how to change it! We all go there; we get overwhelmed by a situation or a series of events that appear to be too big to deal with! Where do you start? How do you start when all you can do is think of the state of chaos your world is in? Here are some tools that may help you to calm your world and change your path:

1. Calm Your Body. My favorite saying: Stop, breathe, ground and center! Stop the incessant buzzing of the negative, judgmental voices in your head by tuning into your breathing… slow even breathes in and out, and think of only that. Now connect to the earth, become aware of your feet on the ground (take your shoes off and go outside if it helps) and feel the gravity that keeps you here on earth. Focus on your energy, pull it down and into your body and the earth’s gravity. No thoughts of the crisis, only thoughts of slow, easy breathing… and a calm, clear mind for at least a few minutes, if not ten.

2. Divide and Conquer. All problems are huge when you are looking at the whole thing. Just as in math you break down the formula step by step, in life, we must break down the “issues.” Separate each issue that is “crowding” you into different subjects, and then print each one on a separate piece of paper. List each “step” needed to deal with each subject. Do this with each subject of the chaos.

3. Focus on One Small Step at a Time! This is crucial to productively eliminating your stress. Take your lists and see if you can break down the steps to even smaller steps.

(Example: “Clean Bedroom” would become: Clean Bedroom: Change sheets, put clothes in laundry basket, hang up things on bed, empty wastebasket, dust shelves, vacuum carpet.)

As you do each of these small tasks… cross them out! As you do this, you’ll start to see a pattern, and feel an accomplishment from each and every small task. Hope begins to come, as well as a positive dose of positive self esteem!

To understand how you could be seeing things worse than they really are, place a black scarf over your head. When you look around, everything will seem darker, more full of shadows, harder to see clearly. See how easy it is to change your perception of things?

Now quickly pull that scarf off and see with clarity all that surrounds you. That shadow that was scaring you is your favorite black shirt, and what looked like spiders are actually the patterns of light from the lace curtains. So remember to stop and clear your head – then break down your issues, and if that doesn’t help, call your favorite California Psychic and we’ll be glad to help!

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2 thoughts on “Finding the Path Through Chaos

  1. ivyx5198

    Thank you!! Awesome!! It’s Virgo time. I’m a Virgo so…love the list:) Hey, maybe this way my closets might get cleaned out before my sweetie goes backto school.Thank you agian for your time.

    Namaste, Ivy oxox


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