Saturn Square Pluto

One of the most challenging influences happening this year–Saturn square Pluto–peaks today, which can cause power struggles to erupt, especially if you have an astrological placement in early Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Be especially mindful of your words and actions with people who have authority over you, like your boss. Still, even people you’re close to may spark a conflict if they push one of your emotional buttons, especially if it concerns commitment, money, fairness, control, change, power or your sense of security.

You may also feel an inner conflict between what’s comfortable/certain in your life (Saturn) and the need to throw out the old to make way for something new (Pluto). Acknowledging the two opposing energies, both internally and in your outer world, will help you handle any power struggles that come your way. And although the power of this influence peaks today, some of you will feel its effects for weeks afterward (and beyond).

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