Face Your Career Fears

Move Your Career Forward With Psychic Glenna’s Tips

Are you underpaid, overworked, or just unsatisfied with your current job? Maybe your intuition is telling you it’s time to move on and explore new possibilities, but the fear rears its ugly head and keeps you stuck where you are.

Psychic Glenna ext. 5418 uses her natural intuitive gifts to help callers navigate many concerns, including career, job, and money issues. Career and work questions are a specialty of hers. I recently chatted with her about what to do when the fear of change holds you back in your professional life.

Realizing It’s Time to Move Forward

“When you start to feel that edge, there’s a reason for it” says Glenna. “If you stay in one place because of fear, you won’t leave on your terms. It’s always easier to get a job when you have a job. There’s an old saying I love: ‘Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.’”

What if the Fear is Holding You Back?

“People in the middle of a change can get scared” Glenna told me. “Letting the fear come in is detrimental. They need to get past fear. It may sound easier said than done, but it is necessary. Things come up in our lives so we can work them out. We keep getting opportunities to change things around.”

Overcome the Fear

“It’s important to remember that God will not leave you in the lurch when you are making that leap or transition. You are never alone. And you must remember your commitment to your own growth.”

If You Can’t Make That Change Just Yet

How can you deal with your present situation if you can’t make the jump just yet? Glenna advised, “Think of something you like about being in your current job every day—it could be the color of the door! Could be that you had a really good lunch that day. This will cause a shift. It’s like shifting a ship around to another course. And energetically, other people around you in that environment will start to respond too.”

Glenna is a great resource for people in transition. She describes herself as that springboard her callers can talk to for a fresh perspective. Glenna said, “I see the big picture of what’s coming up, and it’s wonderful.”

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16 thoughts on “Face Your Career Fears

  1. Deepashri

    What i ve a learnt is there is no such thing which will give you Job Satisfaction … bt we have to find our own ways to enjoy at job (even m struggling on my carreer as well as personal front rightnow )and yet think of something of bigger prospective – May be ur dream job,Something you actually want to do in life, your goal . This will keep your lifeforce always up – Happily doing thing in the present -“it could be the color of the door”. It will make a shift … true . we have to make efforts to chage our thinking pattern.

  2. misskrystalmisskrystal

    wow- this article and video definitely struck a chord with lots of people.
    Lots of important points made. Great info. Miss Krystal

  3. Laura Fell

    At yoga we were taught that Fear was False Evidence Appearing Real. And so often the things we fear don’t happen after all even though we have spent so much time worrying about them. I think it was Winston Churchill who said that one might as well be an optimist, as being a pessimist hadn’t achieved him much success (excuse me if I have the quote wrong).

  4. Mina

    Dear Mrs Glenna,
    My husband and I have applied for many companies for a job, our luck is a desaster, how are going to survive with kids in the house. Is there any prediction or suggestion you can helps us with?
    Life is so black to us these days, see the picture and let us know what wrong that we can help ourselves.
    sincerly yours


    HI GLENNA, I’m miss Esther a Nigerian presently working in a school where my pay is nothing to talk about and i got an offer to work in a broadcasting firm which i can’t tell what made me to reject the offer and this has cause me a lot of problem between i and my friend. fear has made me to miss alot of pains. please i need help to come out of the spirit of fear.

  6. Teddy

    im the who needs Glenna tips. for sure im not satisfied for what im earning in my job. i fill like quitting but im afread. i think this will be my first point to move on.

  7. kasper


    Interesting article. Can we talk on Skype? I live in europe, and it is a bit easier for me!

    Looking forward to your response

    Best regards,
    Kasper Brandt, Denmark

  8. sudhakar

    Being a Saggitarian I am the most optimistic of all the starts and did what you have advised “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid”, but I did the biggest blunder of my life by quitting my job and trying for another, had to remain jobless for an year at which time I could see the real colour of my wife, which I had not seen for 15 years.

    So everybody reading this dont commit such mistakes.

    Take care

  9. Gajaraj

    I am underpaid my job. Inspite of having qualifications and good performance my salary was reduced. How can I overcome this situation?


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