Psychic Tarot: August 16 – 22

Psychic Tarot: August 16-22 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

“Love is a powerful force…and assists in building the bridge between the two realms.” -John Holland

I’m quite sure that John Holland meant this side and the other side, but, I think this is something to keep in mind when we are trying to build bridges between any two “realms”, don’t you agree? So much of the division and misunderstanding that we view now in our inner and outer worlds could be healed so easily by a determination to simply love. Holland’s Psychic Tarot assists us greatly in doing exactly this.

When he designed this deck he used the key elements that he teaches in his workshops: chakras, the imagination, and color. He feels that the cards act as a channel themselves for psychic information. They are actually a conduit for the love and support of beings who continually seek to help us. He recommends letting the cards speak to us and tell us their story, which we can do through contemplating their meanings.

Holland believes that all humans were born with psychic ability, but lose it as we develop through childhood, when others or the rational mind explain it away. He promises if we use the cards as he outlines, our psychic abilities will be recovered, heightened, and strengthened.

Let’s walk through this unusual and powerful deck together this week and see the situations coming to meet us.

August 16 – Sunday


This card says that a time of endings is beginning. Yes, this is kind of a contradiction in terms. This refers to relationships, career, friendships, and other activities. Before we panic, it’s important to remember that an “old” job can become a “new” job without us ever changing locations. This happens when we let the irresistible forces of transformation sweep us forward into their flow. The same principle applies to relationships, home, friendships, spirituality, and everything in between!

Everything in the created Universe remains in constant motion. Everyone, from physicists to psychics, agree on that. In the traditional deck this card is Death. It’s the foundation for the new “place” we are going to.

August 17 – Monday

Love Begins

Your cup is about to overflow with happiness. A new passion, whether it’s a person, an idea, or a creative project, is catching you up. Forgive yourself and others. Open yourself to loving and spiritual energy, wherever it comes to you. In the traditional deck, this card is the Ace of Cups. Something big and new will increase your happiness!

August 18 – Tuesday

Positive Movement Forward

Craft, skill, and knowledge will blend with talent and inspiration to move you ahead now! Your efforts have brought you here. This card usually relates to conditions in your work or career. You could be offered mentoring or an apprenticeship of some kind. It would be wise to say yes. New talents are trying to emerge in your world.

August 19 – Wednesday

Financial and Material Changes

Traditionally depicted as the Five of Pentacles, this energy feels scary and bleak on the surface. There could be some changes that feel like challenges, or even losses. Remember the truth about you; namely, that you are an incredible, resourceful, spiritual being. Everything changes for a reason, and will lead to greater good. Draw deeply from the strength which exists deep within you today.

August 20 – Thursday

Third Eye Chakra

Hey, do you see indigo, because this is the chakra of clairvoyance and seeing the truth! This chakra is located right in the middle of your forward, slightly above the eyebrows. Yoga, visualization, and color therapy will all strengthen this chakra. This energy center will work with the Crown Chakra (7), and the Throat Chakra (5) to bring out your psychic knowledge. Balance is important to maintain all three.

August 21 – Friday


This card corresponds to the Hanged Man in the traditional deck. In no uncertain terms, it is time to let go and surrender to something you cannot change. Wisdom and enlightenment will come as a result. Stand back and look at that outcome you can do nothing about. Rest in acceptance, and simply wait for new doors to open within the situation.

August 22 – Saturday

Crown Chakra

This is where you receive light. You will link yourself to the Universe by opening and strengthening this chakra. Visualize violet light. As you align this chakra, you will eventually tap into all wisdom. Whoever you meet today, greet them from this point of energy and from your higher self. Connect with that part of them. Feel the lift in vibratory rate and know that it will only lead to greater good.

A Fun Spread to Try: The Calendar Spread

So many callers ask for a general twelve month forecast or a “look ahead” at the coming year. This spread works wonderfully for that question. It is a twelve-card spread, laid-out exactly like the face of a clock, and is read in clockwise fashion.

Although it would be ideal to try this spread at the start of a new year, any month you are currently in could serve as month one, with subsequent months moving sequentially ahead for the next year. Each card placement tells you what you most need to know during that month, starting with the current month as “one”, the next month as “two”, etc.

Shuffle the cards thoroughly and concentrate on the twelve month period of time ahead for you. Take your time, moving through the card placement, one to twelve, and think about the months that they signify. Really spend time with the symbolism of each card.

What images do they invoke? How do they make you feel? What does spirit give you about the special theme of each month?

Be sure to ask questions, close your eyes, sit back and relax, and listen for the answer.

If you give this the proper amount of time and attention, you will have a personal preview of the year ahead, and it will help you plan what you want to manifest.

Remember this week how much invisible love and support you are surrounded with!

Thanks for joining me today. See you later.

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