Your Daily Focus: September 4 – 10

Your Daily Focus: September 4-10 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

It’s time for me to talk about manifesting change once again. This is my biggest ongoing struggle; getting comfortable with my own shortcomings and thinking about the world as just the way it is instead of the way that it could be. As I’ve gotten older, I find myself cycling through times of acceptance and change, and then working against new change to hold onto the things that I feel like I’ve finally gotten ahold of. It can be frustrating to face the unknown over and over, but having faith in what is yet to come, and our own ability to take control of it in the most important ways, makes trusting and enjoying the journey easier.

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to dig back into why change is so important, and how embracing it can help us break through barriers we may not even realize we’re facing. As summer winds down and we make the most of the warm weather, let’s really dig into what we’re afraid to let go of, and try to remember that the gifts that lay on the other side of the unknown are both divine and essential for our overall growth cycle.

Saturday, September 4 

“Omnia Mutantur, Nihil Interit. ‘Everything changes, but nothing is truly lost.’”Neil Gaiman

I think it’s important to remember that most of my life lives inside my mind, at this point. I exist at this moment, but the things that matter most to me have been tucked away and turned into memories. In this sense, nothing can really be lost, only transformed.

Sunday, September 5

“Men do change, and change comes like a little wind that ruffles the curtains at dawn, and it comes like the stealthy perfume of wildflowers hidden in the grass.”John Steinbeck

Sometimes change is subtle, sometimes it’s out of our control. Even if we do nothing, change will wash over us. Today, look for the small, subtle ways that you’re different now than you were in the past. Are the ways that you’ve changed slow, without effort, just with the passing of time? And on the other hand, are there ways you’ve changed that you worked for?

Monday, September 6

“There must be a few times in life when you stand at a precipice of a decision. When you know there will forever be a Before and an After…I knew there would be no turning back if I designated this moment as my own Prime Meridian from which everything else would be measured.”Justina Chen Headley

I think we can look at our lives as a series of befores and afters. Maybe it’s before the pandemic, or before the birth of a child, or before the death of a loved one. Maybe it’s a job, relationship, or some other mythical, cyclical ending that takes us by surprise. Today, take inventory of the big before and after moments in your life.

Tuesday, September 7

“All your life you’re yellow. Then one day you brush up against something blue, the barest touch, and voila, the rest of your life you’re green.”Tess Callahan

Our ability to learn and adapt is what has allowed humans to survive for so long. We are constantly learning from those around us, from the moment we are born, and as such we are malleable, able to be shaped and forever changed by the people we come into contact with. Today, think about who has changed you in the past, and who you might have changed and shaped as well. 

Wednesday, September 8

“Consciousness is only possible through change; change is only possible through movement.”Aldous Huxley

Movement, both physical and emotional, is key to change. We have to keep pushing through the cycle of our lives, meeting each challenge and then pushing on through that as well. I also believe physical movement can be a great catalyst for change. I have some of my best ideas while in motion, running, driving, or even riding on the train.

Thursday, September 9

“Nothing is lost. . .Everything is transformed.”Michael Ende

I think about it like this; we don’t lose the part of ourselves that we let go of, we build upon it. The version of ourselves that we believe to be the most enlightened is only possible through a series of mistakes, trials, and other huge growth moments. It can be tempting to want to forget the less evolved versions of ourselves, but in truth, they are essential parts of the whole. 

Friday, September 10

“Change not only was inevitable, but usually brought its own rewards.”Nicholas Sparks

No matter what is happening in your life right now, it’s important to hold onto the truth that growth brings powerful rewards. Being able to better understand yourself and others, having insight and knowledge into difficult and challenging trials, and having experience under your belt in a myriad of situations will prove to serve you well in the long run, as you continue to grow and help others around you do the same.

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