Your Daily Focus: November 6 – 12

Your Daily Focus: November 6-12 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

Fall is well and truly upon us, and as the days get darker and colder, I want to look to some of my favorite Tarot cards that I think encapsulate the spirit of autumn. In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at all of the Threes in the deck. The cups, coins, wands, and swords suits all have different meanings for their threes, but there are common threads running through them. I also want to look at a few cards that I feel embody the spirit of home, hearth, and settling in for the coming cold months.

There is something both communal and lonely about the darker, colder months, but the season always begins with connections. Many of us are gearing up to travel for Thanksgiving, Chanukah, or Christmas. I want to look at the energies I think come to the surface during this season, the way we connect to others, the way we reflect on the past, plan for the future, and the way we test and reward ourselves. As we head into the rest of fall and then winter, try to keep these energies in mind.

Saturday, November 6

“Three of Cups is about friendship. It’s about leaning on the people closest to you, forming lasting emotional bonds, and platonic intimacy.”

The holiday season is upon us, and now is a great time to really focus on strengthening family relationships and friendships. The Three of Cups is all about that connection that we find from those closest to us, our friends and family. It’s not about a single partner, but rather the community closest to us. Take the time to reach out to those you love and make room for them this season.

Sunday, November 7

“Three of Coins is about teamwork, being part of something bigger than yourself. This is a card reminding you to do your fair share, and to lean on others when needed. Strength in numbers.”

As the months get colder and harder, it’s natural to need more help. The Three of Coins is all about working together, and the things that you can accomplish when you delegate tasks, share in the responsibility, and work together.

Monday, November 8

“Three of Wands is all about possibilities. This is the time to look at what lies ahead, what choices are available to you, and begin to plan for the future.”

The cold months are the time for planning rather than action. The things we’ve worked toward in the past year have, or have not, come to fruition at this point. We can look backward and reflect, and in doing so, make changes for what is to come. The Three of Wands wants us to list as many possibilities as we can, to not get stuck in one way of thinking, and to look forward to the future.

Tuesday, November 9

“Three of Swords is about letting go. This is a card of heartbreak and loss. Of endings.”

The Three of Swords is often called the heartbreak card, and that is largely what it’s about. Sadness, grief, and letting go. This is a great time to release things you’ve been holding onto that no longer serve your larger purpose, even if it means taking the time to properly grieve them.

Wednesday, November 10

“The Queen of Coins is able to control her destiny. She is a mother, a lover, and a protector.”

The Queen of Coins reminds me of Demeter, goddess of the Harvest. When she is with her daughter, her family, she thrives. When she’s all alone, the fields dry up to nothing. I think of this card as one of cycles, endings, and beginnings, fall into winter into spring. Take the time now to reflect on how far you’ve come, and where you are the strongest. You deserve that recognition.

Thursday, November 11

“The Empress is the archetypical mother, she nurtures, but she can be overbearing.”

What would the holidays be without a little bit of overbearing mothering energy? Whether it’s your actual mother, an aunt, or perhaps even yourself, this is the time of year where we connect, and in doing so—sometimes overstep. Take deep breaths as you visit family this year, and remember that often, criticisms reflect the person speaking more than they reflect you.

Friday, November 12

“The Hermit has no trouble retreating, it is not a burden. Everything he needs, he has within himself. That is his gift” 

It’s time to cozy up and hunker down again, but that’s alright. Remember that you have everything you need for growth and prosperity within you, and all you need to access it is the right tools. Take this time to reflect, work on change, and seek truths within yourself.

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