Your Daily Focus: July 31 – August 6

Your Daily Focus: July 31-August 6 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

I’m circling back to Tarot once again, and this time to talk about how we can use the cards to deepen our connections to those around us. Recently, I’ve been using the cards to provide questions instead of answers. I lay down a card that’s related to something that’s been on my mind, and then I allow myself to answer the myriad of questions it poses.

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at a few of the cards that I think can really help us examine our connections with people and offer ways to deepen those connections. After a year of isolation, it’s so important to remind ourselves of the benefits of connection. It can be hard to face the world again after so long away from it, but it also offers us a new opportunity to grow and create deep connections based on our, now perhaps glaringly obvious, need for human connection.

I hope we can all re-enter the world a little bit more tender than we left it.

Saturday, July 31

“The Lovers embody all of the rush and desire of new love. They appear early on in the cycle of the Major Arcana because sex, love, and desire are some of the earliest lessons we learn in our adolescence.”

With the world reopening, it makes sense to look at the Lovers. This card is all about new relationships, exploration, and desire. It’s a great card for a summer of reconnection. Even if you have a partner, you can still bring some of this fun, sensual energy to your relationship. This card is asking you to think about what sparks your feelings and makes you feel best when it comes to relationships.

Sunday, August 1

“The Two of Cups is the soulmate card. It’s about more than just sex and desire. It’s about true love and connection. Friendship and family.”

The Two of Cups is similar to The Lovers, but while the latter appears early in the cycle of the Major Arcana as part of the Fool’s Journey through adolescence, the Two of Cups is a card of more mature and serious commitment. This card is asking us to look not at what we want, but what we really need from a partnership.

Monday, August 2

“The Three of Cups is a card of sisterhood, friendship, and trust.”

The Three of Cups is all about friendship. It’s a card of sorority, and all of the classic, archetypal connotations that brings. Close platonic intimacy, openness, comfort, support. It’s been a long time since a lot of us saw our friends, and when we see them again, we will have a rare opportunity to appreciate what they bring to our lives in a new way.

Tuesday, August 3

“The Two of Coins is all about a working partnership, finding someone who can balance out your skillset and take you to the next level.”

The Two of Coins is about networking and building trust with someone who can help bring your vision to life. If you’re a planner, find a doer. If you’re someone who acts on ideas right away, find someone who can help you think things through. Look at where you could use support and seek it out in someone who you feel can balance you and allow you to excel.

Wednesday, August 4

“The Five of Wands is a card of conflict, sometimes physical, sometimes emotional, but always intense, and always leading to growth.”

There are going to be conflicts in relationships. It doesn’t have to be a bad thing, because it doesn’t have to come from a place of wanting to hurt someone. Conflict arises from an inability to see, or conform to, someone else’s viewpoint. As we begin to strengthen our connections to others, it’s important to view the inevitable conflict not as a setback, but as an opportunity for compromise and growth.

Thursday, August 5

“The Page of Wands is curious and clever, eager to know more. They want to stay up all night talking about things that they’ve never told anyone else.”

The Page of Wands is curious and eager to explore. The Wands are all about fire, passion, sexuality, creativity, and sensation. The Page wants to try it all. After an isolating year and a half, it’s a great time to approach the world with childlike wonder and a willingness to try to experience everything, the good and the bad.

Friday, August 6

“The Queen of Cups is a woman in love; tender, compassionate, giving.”

The Queen of Cups is a loving mother figure, and that archetype brings forth a few connotations. Tenderness, love, support, understanding. We are all re-entering the world wiser and tougher than before, so it’s more important than ever to march forward with love in our hearts, and a willingness to come together and understand one another.

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