Your Daily Focus: July 10 – 16

Your Daily Focus: July 10-16 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

I have written about letting go before, and I will again. Loss, and its mother, Grief, are not things we go through and then leave behind. Our lives are a constant, shifting landscape of gain and loss. We are who we are, in part, because of the things we’ve had to endure. None of us get to live a long, fulfilled life full of meaningful connections without suffering the loss of some of them. So how do we know when to cut our losses? How do we cross the line into giving up the bad we know for the potentially worse—the unknown.

Humans have always been scared of the dark. We can’t see what’s there, waiting for us. Danger lurks. We have a loss of control, we feel helpless, even if the light around us is shining down on things we know no longer serve us, or worse, actively harm us. In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at letting go yet again and try to see it through a lens of wonder, possibilities, and control over the self. 

Saturday, July 10

“You will find that it is not a one-shot deal, this letting go. You must do it again and again and again. It’s kind of like breathing. You can’t breathe just once. Try it: Breathe just once. You’ll pass out.”Gordon MacKenzie

This is really the crux of it, and why I keep coming back to this subject. Letting go, loss, grief, all it encompasses; it requires time, energy, and return to focus. This can be hard! But it has to be done. Part of self-care and basic body maintenance is making sure you’re dealing with things that need to be dealt with, even if you feel like you’ve done this before. Do it again. 

Sunday, July 11

“There is beauty in Simplicity. There is power in Forgiveness. There is wisdom in Letting Go.”Steve Maraboli

If you’re struggling to find the answer today, the answer might be that there is no answer. Not everything is solvable, no matter how good our intentions or how reckless our work ethic is. Some things are simply not for us to know, or change, or receive. It’s okay to walk away.

Monday, July 12

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.”Deborah Reber

When it comes down to it, letting go, or really, holding on, is all about control. We want to shape our reality to meet what our mind says it should be, but this is just a recipe for disappointment. Think back on how many of the best moments in your life were unplanned and out of your control. Try to think of what you may be losing by knowing the end of the story before it’s time to get there.

Tuesday, July 13

“We have to unclasp our palms and let go of every alternate reality where we’re happier, stronger, brighter because of all the things we did differently. Those universes do not exist. But ours does. And it’s okay here, if we open our eyes up and let it be.”Heidi Priebe

Once again, our own ideas and attempts at controlling reality can only really hinder us. It’s great to plan for a future, to have that vision board, that wish list—but don’t spend all of your energy in a reality that doesn’t exist. You are here, now, just as you are, and worthy of attention, love, and time spent on yourself.

Wednesday, July 14

“Letting go of the past means opening up to the future, and sometimes the unknown is scarier than the past.”Tamara Lechner

It’s true that the bad we know is often much easier to welcome than the potentially bad we don’t know, but once again, I want to focus on the positive aspects of letting go; of change, opportunity, and new worlds. Every day is a chance to do something new, to break the mold, and start living the life you’ve only dreamed of.

Thursday, July 15

“Good-bye to the past, with its mysteries which would never be fully unfolded.”Iris Murdoch

Sometimes the thing we have to say goodbye to is the potential—the thing we don’t know. We can spend so much of our time and energy searching for answers, it’s what makes us as humans remarkable, we want to know everything. But this way lies madness, as there are simply some things we are better off not knowing, or perhaps harder to swallow, we were never meant to know at all.

Friday, July 16

“We are shaped by what we hold on, and we are fashioned by what we let go.”Sarvesh Jain

Part of letting go means looking at what we’re choosing to hold onto. We can let go of the aspects that drain time, energy, and delight from us. But we can also hold onto the things we do get things out of, even if it’s just memories. I try to keep in mind that you don’t have to hate something to leave it behind. It’s okay to walk away with gratitude and fond memories, knowing that the next phase of life is just ahead.

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