Your Daily Focus: January 23 – 29

Your Daily Focus: January 23-29 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

This week we’re talking about herbs. I have a holistic approach to spirituality, so I like to look at things from an intersectional perspective, and since this column breaks things down by days of the week, it seems like a perfect intro to herbalism. I’ve talked about different elements to the days before, and how each one correlates to different planets, deities, and crystals. In this week’s Daily Focus, we will be discussing herbs, their association to the days of the week, and their practical and spiritual properties.

There are lots of ways to utilize herbs, depending on your own preferences and the myriad uses of the particular herb. One of the simplest ways to use herbs is in cooking. Things like cinnamon, basil, thyme, rosemary, pepper, and more can be found in your kitchen. In fact, chances are almost all of the things currently on your spice rack have historical, global, medicinal, or spiritual properties. Often, you can find medicinal tea blends that will also have spiritual benefits.

For non-edible herbs, there are other ways to use them. Anointing candles with herbs and oil for spiritual work is a powerful way to use them. Even easier, you can set them out on your altar and change them out daily or weekly. The ritual of focusing on your intentions, however you choose to do it, goes a long way in helping you reach goals.

Saturday, January 23

“Charantia. Bitter herbs. Bitter.” Jacqueline Miranda

Saturday, or Saturn’s day, deals with darkness, death, and grief. The herbs for this day are generally poisonous, bitter, and toxic. However, if you can’t get your hands on deadly nightshade, cooking with other nightshades like eggplants is a great way to honor Saturn. You can also use thyme and pepper in your cooking. If you’re going to be using dried herbs or flowers in an altar, things like foxglove and pennyroyal are good for powerful rituals and spirit work.

Sunday, January 24

“Hot lavender, mints, savory, marjoram; the marigold, that goes to bed wi’ the sun, and with him rise weeping.” William Shakespeare

Sunday is the day for the sun, and the best plants and herbs for this day reflect the powerful, golden energy of the sun. Things like bright sunflowers and marigolds are great flowers for today. You can find marigold tea as well, which is perfect for a bright and chilly Sunday morning.

Monday, January 25

“I went out into the garden in the morning dusk,
When sorrow enveloped me like a cloud;
And the breeze brought to my nostril the odor of spices,
As balm of healing for a sick soul.” Moses ibn Ezra

Monday is for the moon, and the moon is all about the internal, water, emotion, divination, and healing. Monday is the perfect day to burn sage at home, drink chamomile tea, and pick night blooming jasmine. This is a day for healing, and bathing with herbs and flowers is a great way to connect with the Water element, the divine feminine, and yourself.

Tuesday, January 26

“Much Virtue in Herbs, little in Men.” Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday is for Mars, all things red, lustful, powerful, and angry. Herbs for today include cinnamon, pepper, and garlic. Tuesday is a great day for spicy food! Harness the power of Mars’ fiery energy.

Wednesday, January 27

“As for rosemary, I let it run all over my garden walls, not only because my bees love it but because it is the herb sacred to remembrance and to friendship.” Thomas More

Wednesday is for Mercury. We talk about Mercury most often when it goes into retrograde, when communication and electronics go haywire. When Mercury isn’t in retrograde, he facilitates communication, helps travelers, and brings luck. Wednesday is named for Odin, the all father in Norse Mythology, and that makes this a great day for gambling, traveling, and speaking. Lavender, dill, and eucalyptus are all herbs associated with Mercury and Wednesday.

Thursday, January 28

“Unlike Saturn who prefers limiting its territory to a manageable size, Jupiter actually goes out and takes chances. And surprisingly, the more chances one seems to take, the more likely one can find opportunities.” Cate East

Thursday is for Jupiter, who brings structure, power, and authority to our lives. Thursday is a day to power through and get things done. The weekend is in sight, but not close enough to touch yet. The best herbs for today are powerful and pungent. Wearing cologne or perfume with oak, clove, and pine is a great way harness the power of this day.

Friday, January 29

“Love and a red rose can’t be hid.” Thomas Holcroft

Friday, named for Freya, the Norse Goddess of love, also known as Venus. This is the day for love, friendship, and sweetness. This is a great day for love spells, or to just ask your crush out for a drink. Things like strawberry, cardamom, and especially rose are some of the best to harness the power of such an exciting day.

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