Your Daily Focus: February 26-March 4

Your Daily Focus: February 26 - March 4 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

I’m a dreamer, in the most literal sense. Even my catnaps are filled with intense, often mystifying dream symbolism. For the most part, I think that 1:1 dream decoding doesn’t make a lot of sense. We all have different experiences with, and therefore different reactions to, everything we encounter. From the seemingly innocuous to the absolutely bizarre, one person’s perception of and relationship to, say, circus clowns will vary wildly from someone else’s.

This principle applies to everything, of course. Fears around heights, driving, or work will often appear directly in dreams, carrying over from the thoughts and worries of the day. A whale in one person’s dream may be a message from an ancestor, and in another, a terrifying reminder of that scene from Pinocchio that scared them as a child. My point is that looking for a universal meaning behind anything is a little bit futile. Because of this, when I do any sort of dream interpretation I focus on the feelings, the atmosphere, and the action. I think these things can tell us a lot more about what’s happening. In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to look at some of the more common dream themes, and what they might be telling you to look at.

Saturday, February 26

“Dreams about being back in your childhood home, school, or another familiar place often indicate that you have unfinished business, so to speak, from your childhood. Dreams about a certain place could indicate a time period your subconscious is still returning to.”

If you find yourself returning to a place you haven’t been in a long time, it’s a good idea to look at what was going on in your life during that time. This is easier for some places than others. For instance, dreaming of your old college could be connected to a lover, to academic stress, or to a point where your life branched out in different directions. Dreaming about your childhood home is more complex, and more personal. It probably deals with unfinished business from childhood and your family.

Sunday, February 27

“Flying, falling, and extreme jumping are all examples of defying the laws of physics. They indicate a subconscious desire to leave behind the limitations of the body, as the mind remembers the freedom of these movements.”

When decoding dreams about flying or falling, it’s really important to look at the feelings. Are you falling and scared? Are you flying and free? Are you leaping with some kind of special ability? While fear might indicate concerns about a loss of control, like slipping over an edge, the freedom from flying probably indicates a feeling of freedom and release.

Monday, February 28

“Being chased is a common stress dream motif. If you’re feeling pressured by deadlines or tasks you’re avoiding in real life, those small fears can become compounded during dreaming, and be reflected as much more serious circumstances.”

Things become amplified in our dreams. We’re the main character of an action movie with the strangest plot of the year. Stress about a project deadline might manifest as being chased by Big Bad Guys. If you’re constantly having dreams where people are after you, where you’re forced to hide, run, or fight—take a look at what’s causing you stress in your day-to-day life. Where do you feel forced to hide, run, or fight while you’re awake?

Tuesday, March, 1

“Animals that show up over and over in dreams are important.”

While the connection we have to animals is personal and therefore will vary from person to person, there are some things to look for. Animals that you hadn’t much considered before that begin to show up in your dreams might be messages from Spirit. Seeing your favorite animal is probably a good luck charm, especially if it’s an animal you would not normally get to see, like an elephant in New York or a polar bear in Florida. Look for animals that show up often, like butterflies, cats, and birds. They may be trying to lead you somewhere.

Wednesday, March 2

“Destruction dreams indicate a desire to start over or to clear the slate. They may also indicate a fear of such a thing or the place where those emotions meet.”

I think about destruction dreams as a comorbidity of the Nine of Swords. There is a sense of waiting for the worst, and it’s usually translated directly from the waking world to the sleeping. If you’re unhappy, scared, anxious, or feeling trapped, it’s likely that your dreams will feature disaster or calamity. That’s how your brain and nervous system feel, after all. Instead of dismissing your nightmares, try to follow the feelings and the anxieties back to their root to address them.

Thursday, March 3

“Dreams about the body where either your teeth or hair is falling out can indicate a feeling of loss of control, over physical, emotional, financial, or other capabilities. Adjusting to a new set of circumstances can leave us feeling like we’re losing ourselves, literally.”

Dreams about any sort of body decay are the brain’s way of reconciling feelings of helplessness, both emotional and physical. It is not a portend of poor health, per se, but often our subconscious knows when something is wrong before our conscious brain catches up. It is just as likely that dreams about sickness are reflecting feelings of stress about money, the future, or loved ones as they are reflecting any sort of physical internal issues.

Friday, March 4

“Dreams about either delivering or receiving a message are often about interpersonal connection. Communication is how we connect, and the need for it, or the lack of it, in our dreams often indicates the root of those social connections.”

I often have dreams where I am looking for someone I care about because I have very important information for them. Usually, the person in question is a significant other or family member, and almost always, I can connect these sorts of dreams back to feeling stunted in that relationship. These dreams are a good reminder to communicate and also to listen.

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