Your Daily Focus: August 7 – 13

Your Daily Focus: July 7-13 | California Psychics

Understanding Your Daily Focus

If you’re familiar with astrology and birth charts, you will know that everyone has a wide array of planets in unique alignments at the time of their birth. Each of the planets can appear in every sign. The planets themselves have elemental connections. For instance, Mars with Fire, the moon with Water, Earth with—well, Earth. In addition, each of the zodiac signs also has an elemental connection. There are four elements, and three signs in each. The Water signs are Pisces, Cancer, and Scorpio; the Earth signs are Taurus, Capricorn, and Virgo; the Air signs are Aquarius, Libra, and Gemini; and the Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

It’s true that the sun sign, the main zodiac sign associated with your birth month, is often the most obvious aspect of your personality. But it is the combination of many celestial bodies, in different locations, and with different aspects, that influences your full personality and destiny. As you uncover more about your own personal astrological chart, you will find that you likely have a combination of elements. You might have Venus, the planet that rules love, in an Earth sign like Taurus, which means that even if your Leo Sun wants to run around and party, when it comes to romance, you’d rather be at home watching movies and ordering in.

In this week’s Daily Focus, I want to talk about the elements and how you can use the different energies to do energy work, focus on your goals, or just be more aware of the world around you.

Saturday, August 7

“Earth energy is all about grounding, creating stability, and fostering growth.”

Things like meditating, walking outside, feeling the sand under your feet—these are all ways to ground yourself. When we take in the Earth’s energy, we remind ourselves where we come from, and how much potential for growth there is.

Sunday, August 8

“One of the greatest gifts of this world is its ability to nurture new life, and abundance.”

You can call on the energies of Earth for abundance in all of its forms. If you’re looking to expand your wealth, or material objects, think about working the land and what comes from that ancient connection, using your hands to do the work.

Monday, August 9

“Water is a metaphor for many things, our emotions, our internal landscape, the great unknown within ourselves.”

Often, when we see water show up in mythology or Tarot, it indicates the subconscious, the underworld, and the divine feminine. People with a lot of Water in their birth charts tend to be the best empaths, the most compassionate, and the deepest feelers. You can use energy from the element of Water by being in or near water.

Tuesday, August 10

“Like Earth, Water has the ability to create life. Without it, we are nothing.”

Water is the source of all life; it is necessary for our survival. When we call on the energy of this element, we are connecting with our primordial self, all that we have been, and all that we will be.

Wednesday, August 11

“Fire is the great destroyer, but it also is a necessary part of our ecosystem, paving the way for something new.”

In nature, fire is necessary. It’s one of the only ways to replenish the soil with nutrients. In life, destruction can also be a form of creation. Today, look at things that you’ve lost, or even destroyed, and ask yourself if what has come to replace them is better, and serves you well.

Thursday, August 12

“Fire is passion, anger, lust, desire, rage, and action.”

These are all things that describe Fire signs as well as the element itself. If you’re someone who has a lot of Fire in your chart, you’re likely creative, outgoing, and passionate about your interests. Calling on this element’s energies will help you reach your dreams, feel good about yourself, and release things inside of you that no longer serve you going forward.

Friday, August 13

“Air, all around us, moving between us. The connective miasma we take for granted, this element also rules the mind, our thoughts, and the collective subconscious.”

Air is the element of wisdom, and Air signs love to learn. This energy is best for studying, focusing, legal issues, disputes, disagreements, and decision-making. Calling on the power of this element will allow you to face challenges head-on, with a sharp tongue and even sharper mind.

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