Your Daily Focus: April 9-15

Daily Focus: Apr 9-15 | California Psychics

A Busy Week for Celestial Bodies

This week is a busy one for the skies, so for this Daily Focus, let’s look at some of the bolder and brighter transits happening over the next few days. In addition to the position of the sun, which dictates which Zodiac season we are in, all of the other celestial bodies also fall within a sign and curate different energies depending on where they fall and in relation to their surrounding planets.

The Sun moves every 28 days or so, but the moon cycles out roughly every two days. While the Sun has an effect on the social, communal, and physical aspects of our lives, the moon deals with more internal feelings. It can manifest differently depending on your natal moon sign. For instance, natal Cancer Moons will feel the Cancer Moon energy more strongly and in harmony with their own energy. People with a Capricorn Moon will struggle with the impulses that a Cancer Moon brings, as this is the opposite energy. Knowing your own placements can help you navigate astrological transits. But, regardless of your own natal chart, the energies above us will have some pull on us all.

Saturday, April 9

“Moon enters Leo, releasing the emotional tension of Cancer.”

A Leo Moon brings levity to situations. It helps us not take ourselves too seriously and to recognize the things we enjoy and feel thankful for, without moving into the ostentatious. This might manifest as a more subtle change—like a small appreciation—but after what was probably an emotional couple of days under a Cancer Moon, this transit will bring some relief.

Sunday, April 10

“Mercury enters Taurus, bringing elements of stubbornness to otherwise casual communication.”

Mercury is the planet that rules communication—that’s why when it’s in retrograde, communication goes so haywire. For now, Mercury is direct and it’s moved into Taurus, the sign ruled by the bull. Taureans are known for being stubborn and headstrong, so this could be a period of strained communication through the end of the month until Mercury moves into Pisces.

Monday, April 11

“Moon in Leo trines the Sun in Aries, a delight of fire-sign energy.”

Trines create harmony between whichever planets they aspect and it often, although not always, includes planets of the same element. Today, the Moon and the Sun are in harmony. The Leo Moon keeps offering us a break from our more intense internal dialogues and allows us to foster a sense of play and imagination. The Sun in Aries brings real action to this otherwise somewhat internalized placement. Aries is all about doing and so our innate desire for play and creativity is well met by a go-getter energy.

Tuesday, April 12

“Moon is Void of Course, making it hard to focus and stay on task.”

The Moon has left Leo, but it hasn’t landed in Virgo yet. For most of today, the moon is wandering under no sign at all. When the moon is Void of Course, it can create feelings of distraction, disconnect, and discontent. You may find it hard to focus today, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to get huge things done. Plan ahead if you can to make today a bit easier.

Wednesday, April 13

“Moon is in Virgo, bringing a seriousness to our day-to-day that was missing under Leo.”

The Moon moved into Virgo yesterday evening, bringing a more structured and organized energy to our thoughts. The next few days will be good for planning, making lists, getting organized, and preparing for things to come. Use this energy while you can to get ahead, before the moon moves into Laissez-faire Libra.

Thursday, April 14

“Mars enters Pisces, bringing buried emotions to the forefront. This could be an emotionally volatile time.”

Mars is in Pisces for roughly the next five weeks. Mars is all about action, passion, and movement, but Pisces is much more passive, preferring not to make waves but rather going with the flow. This can create tension in this placement, because where we might otherwise be ready to take a strong position or speak our mind, we may find ourselves waffling back and forth. It may feel natural to bury our emotions or opinions in the moment, only to have them rise up with a vengeance later. Try to find the middle ground here over the next month to keep communication open.

Friday, April 15

“The Moon is in Libra, lessening the hold that Virgo had on our minds and plans, and making room for exploration.”

I hope you got things done while the Moon was in Virgo, because now that it’s in Libra you may have a harder time committing to any one thing, or to a plan of action. Libra wants to try everything out and doesn’t feel the same rush toward an immediate answer as Virgo did. If you’ve put time and energy into planning, now see what works practically.

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