Grounding and Protection After Giving Tarot Readings

Grounding and Protection After Giving Tarot Readings | California Psychics

Tips for Grounding and Protection

When opening and closing Tarot readings, it is necessary to have some quick and effective ways to clear yourself. Grounding and protection techniques vary with culture and individuals, and everyone has their own that become their favorites. Here are a few that work for just about everyone!

What Do We Need Protection From?

Energy that isn’t your own, even if it is exciting or joyful, will eventually begin to make you feel off-center. If the energy you merge with happens to be trauma, sadness, grief, or confusion, you may actually begin to manifest some of the mental and physical symptoms of the people you help. This can eventually lead to emotional upsets, “karmic” states, and more.
Empaths and energy readers, especially, enter others’ feeling states and often feel their pain as acutely as they do. It’s one of the ways they can know what’s going on, and what people are going through. So, how does one open and merge with the energies of people on Earth, or in spirit, and still stay healthy and in control?

Setting the Tone

How do you pick up psychic information without picking up problems? The simplest ways are usually the best. Before a reading it is good to have an opening routine like prayer, an invocation of loving higher beings, a candle to light, and time to just center through a deep breath. These actions set the energy for reading at a higher, clearer level and help you “come from” the place of channeling the highest spiritual good for the person asking your advice.

After the Reading

When all has been said and done, energies that are sometimes deep and lingering remain in your body and consciousness for a while, simply because you’ve opened onto the situation effectively. You’ve “got” what’s going on with your client, and some of it is difficult to deal with or they wouldn’t be asking for advice.

Effective Grounding Techniques

There are many great techniques for grounding and protection, and most Tarot readers have their favorites. Using your intuition is a natural art, so it makes sense that sometimes the things that work the best are the things closest at hand. Here are some effective and easy ways to use your everyday surroundings to cleanse and close after a reading.

Earth Grounding and Protection

Go outside for a few minutes regardless of the weather. There are few situations where the weather is so cold or so hot that that is impossible. Find some grass and walk or sit directly on it. Look at flowers and foliage, because what we look at, we merge with.

Put all your attention into one special leaf or flower. Observe it deeply and ask it to infuse you with healing energy. If you don’t have things like these in your outside environment, house plants can do the trick. The point is for it to be living and green. Green is the auric color of healing. Rocks and crystals work, too. They are part of the natural mineral kingdom. Have them near you and hold them, letting their energy sink into your system.
If you live around trees, this is one of the best ways to ground and cleanse.

Lean the sole of your foot against the base of the tree trunk and let stale energy drain into the earth. The earth will change it into something better. Then, thank the trees for assisting you this way. They are the most gracious things on Earth!

If it’s impossible to actually touch a tree, just meditate on one in your field of vision works. Visualize all energies that are not “you” being pulled down the tree trunk into the earth where it will be grounded and transmuted into love.

Air Grounding and Protection

Breathe deeply and steadily at the beginning, middle, and end of the reading. Go outside if the air is fresher. Move around a little bit, enough to fill your lungs with fresh air.

Do affirmations. They come from the mental Air element. Affirm total healing of body, mind, and spirit for your caller. See mental clarity and peace for them.

Water Grounding and Protection

If it’s warm enough where you are, stand a minute or two in the rain. Look up and let it fall on your face and eyelids. Have a nice towel handy. A shower will do the same thing. Affirm in the shower that any energy that doesn’t belong to you is washing down the drain. Visualize the color of your aura coming out of the showerhead. Even just washing your face and hands after a reading can be helpful.

Drink lots of high-quality water before, during, and after readings. That will keep your energy clear. Infuse a glass of water with loving and grateful energy by holding it between your two hands. Visualize it going into the water. It will taste delicious!

Fire Grounding and Protection

Take a few minutes to gaze into a candle flame or a hearth fire. This will cleanse away depression, sadness, and the stupid kind of anger that we all fall prey to from time to time. The sun itself is powerful, Fire element cleansing. Never look directly at the sun, but if the sun is out, look at a sunny patch of ground or sky and really notice everything about it. This works especially well at dawn or sunset when colors are so vibrant.

Cleansing the Tarot Cards

A great way to cleanse Tarot cards is to spread them in a line, face-up, on a sunny windowsill. Leave them there a few minutes, or even overnight, if possible. The sun does the work!

The Difficulty of Spiritual Grounding and Protection

It’s hard to remember to do ground after a reading. That means that if the phone or doorbell rings, postpone “getting it” until you’ve grounded. If that’s impossible, interact with the person or situation, then go back and ground immediately afterward.

With all your psychic and telepathic centers wide open, you are vulnerable to any stray influence, good or not so good. Never make a significant decision until you’ve grounded and cleansed. You may be doing it with “someone else at the wheel” and the results may not be what you want.

Protect Your Positive Vibes

Experiment, and find out what works best for you! By making these techniques, and your own favorites, a part of every opening and closing, you’ll stay healthy and safe in your spiritual journeys.

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