Be the Center of Your Universe

Fight Your Fears and be Courageous in Your Universe

People talk a lot about courage, as if it is something that we’re born with. It’s like it’s a magical state of awareness that turns some people into heroes. The truth is, courage is just as much a learned attribute, as it is an innate quality. If you ask a survivor of a fire, hostage crisis, or bombing what the secret to their survival is, they might tell you that they relied on their will to live or their ability to act in the situation. Courage is a stare of mind and you can develop your courage and put yourself in the center of your own universe.

The Fear of Fear

Fear has been written about in great detail. All the great minds who have analyzed it have come to the conclusion that it is necessary for human survival. That’s because fear warns us of potential danger, it prepares us for what must be done and it gives us the stamina to see things through. If it wasn’t for fear, we would act like fools all the time and we wouldn’t be able to move the “boulders” in life. So the next time you feel uncomfortable and have butterflies in your stomach, realize that it’s the moment before you’re about to do something amazing, or about to do something that will leave you feeling regret.

Baby Steps

We have all heard that fear is one of our greatest foes, but almost all fears can be overcome if we take small steps to conquer them. For example, if you have a fear of heights, you might try stepping on the first few rungs of a ladder and slowly make your way to the very top. You might then stand on the second-floor balcony of your apartment. Then you may find a higher balcony to stand on. Eventually, you could climb your way to the top of the Eiffel Tower! Taking small steps towards conquering a fear is the best way to develop courage.

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Knowledge is Survival

Firefighters and police officers are very courageous, buts that’s because they are well-trained and have had a lot of practice. This is why it would be empowering for you to build courage by taking a self-defense class, a defensive driving course or spending a week at wilderness survival school. The more you learn about protecting yourself, the less fearful and the more courageous you’ll be and you’ll have no problem taking destiny and fate by the reins.

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Put Yourself in the Line of Fire

It’s said that you will never know how you’ll react to a situation unless you experience it. You might tell yourself that if you had the opportunity to tell someone how you really feel, you would say x, y and z. Well unless you are in that situation, you are just speculating. The best things to do is to put yourself in that situation for real. Being in that situation will teach your mind to remain calm so you can think and react quickly and intelligently. As you improve, so will your confidence and your courage will flow.

The Hidden Peace Within Courage

How do you feel when you have displayed the courage you needed to conquer a fear? You probably feel peaceful. You feel at one with yourself and the universe. Courage is not always about taking action or accomplishing a death-defying defeat. It’s also about feeling confident in the fact that the shortest distance between you and conquering your fears is a straight line right towards it.

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