Your Spiritual Horoscope for October

Spiritual, Heightened Receptivity

The ruler of Pisces, Neptune is associated with spirituality, intuition and compassion. Where Neptune is at any point will influence how inspired, connected and receptive you are. A poor placement can also leave you feeling hazy, disconnected and/or overly indulgent in substances. As most spiritual growth is gradual, it’s no surprise that Neptune is one of the slowest moving planets. Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. How is Neptune influencing you now?

Here’s your spiritual forecast for October, 2013!


You find yourself dreaming more than usual. Be sure to make something of it. Those messages from the subconscious offer valuable insights, particularly until mid-November when Neptune turns direct.


Try not to idealize those around you. We’re all human and no one is perfect. It’s easy for perspective to get muddied by desires, especially until Neptune turns direct. Be true to you.

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Remain on your best behavior, no matter how tempting it is to go against what you know is right for you. While you may be able to get away with things now, that tide will turn and you want to be proud of your actions.


What you believe in is changing, or deepening more. You’re starting to see real progress in your day-to-day life as a result of acting in accordance with those beliefs. Bravo, Cancer.


Karma has been working her way through your life, Leo, forcing you to see people (including yourself) in a more accurate light. Take in the inaccuracies you’ve noted and as you move forward, ground yourself in the truth.

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Like Leo, your perspective on the long-term relationships in your life has shifted. Be careful of being deceived, but also of giving into the temptation to deceive your partner or yourself. Clarity may be hard to come by, but it’s requisite.


While you feel drawn toward escapism, overindulgence will not serve you well at this time. It’s vital that you care for yourself—mind, body and spirit. This means acknowledging your own self-worth!


You’re feeling pretty ideal right now, Scorpio. A weight has been lifted and life seems sunny. While it is, by and large, it’s also not a time to lose sight of your health or that of those around you, in a spiritual sense or otherwise.


You’re seeking a spiritual oasis and need look no further than your home base—literally and figuratively. Surround yourself with those you love and luxuriate a little in your senses. Presence of mind comes from presence in place.

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Spiritual awareness has come onto your radar, even if it’s not something you normally think about. Whether this is contemplating your place in the world or the greater order of things, indulge yourself. Transformation awaits.


Whether through traditional spiritual practice (yoga, meditation, worship) or communing with others in a different sort of spirituality (community, charity), you are poised to explore and deepen your understanding this month, Water Bearer.


You find yourself feeling ever more intuitive and may even feel as if you’re residing outside your physical body. Try not to be drained by other people’s wants or needs. Instead, try to build up your strength. You can only do so much!

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