A Life Path Reading

Tapping into your life path is not an easy task. And many times, the more you force it, the harder it is to discover. Even when you call a psychic for guidance, the way to go may not be as clear as you want it to be. But sometimes insight comes when you least expect it.

I actually didn’t call Jesse ext. 9027, an esteemed past-life regressionist at California Psychics, looking for any life path information or affirmations about the direction I’m heading in life – I’ve long given it up to the universe to guide me (as it has taken me to far more exotic places than I could have ever imagined for myself).

I called to get a past life reading about a former lover that had a significant effect on my life – not all good. Sound familiar? As she answered my call, Jesse’s inspiring energy immediately captivated me when she said it was an honor to do a reading for me. “You are a beautiful soul!”

She explained that when soulmates agree to be in this life together it’s all about “lessons learned together.” Evidently you chose others who can fill in the blanks for you – and that’s not always an easy ride. You work on cycles together and cycles end. Hence, your soulmate may no longer appear to be in your life – and it’s okay. However, time (and your soul) do not end. “There is no beginning and end, do you understand,” she asked. “It’s always fluid.”

According to the psychic, when you make a past life connection, you make an agreement to help each other learn what you need to learn. “Also know, soulmates can be opposing forces. They need to point you in the right direction. Or, they can heal your past or broken heart,” she adds.

“When you meet someone like this, there is a chemical reaction (not just lust!) where your connection may be destructive but you can’t turn it loose,” she warns. “If you experience this kind of thing, it’s an earmark of this type of past life relationship.” Adding that profound moments happen when we meet these people.

“Yet romantic love can be consuming if you’re too close to the fire. You can get burned if you stay too close. The heat can transform you – even purify you (like metals and water being purified), but if you stay too close it will destroy you,” she continues. “However, you can’t avoid the fire because had you not been in the situation with your former lover, you would not be in the wonderful situation you are now – and you would not be the beautiful person you are.”

She explains that basically, anything worth having has to go through “the fire” (or this karmic purification process). “However, in our culture, as soon as it’s uncomfortable, people leave and that’s not good. You must embrace the seasons… Who you are is not about destinations and goals – it’s who we become when we arrive!”

Jesse proclaimed, “You are healed now because of what you went through! You are a whole person. Healing is from the inside, not the outside. You are here as a spiritual journey. You are whole and once healed, you radiate love from you. Only then can you attract whole people like you. And your reward? It’s this incredible person you’re with now (my husband).”

Jesse, being the ultimate professional psychic that she is, had one last prediction. “Wait, I have to tell you this one thing,” her voice said a little more animated. “Before the end of 2008, you will see a life-altering change you have made in someone else’s life. You can take it to the bank, baby!”

After hanging up the phone (where did that 30 minuets go?), I had a profound sense – throughout my entire body – that it’s not about a past life connection at all. It’s all about my illusive life path. You know, the one I never really worry about.

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