Red Responds: Eloping on the Beach

Alaina in Detroit writes:

I am setting up a wedding for this coming September. I’ve been with my boyfriend for nearly seven years, and we have finally decided to make it official – sans a proposal, so far. So I am getting all the plans and deposits made for a beautiful elopement on the beach. The day I sent in the biggest deposit (which is all coming out of my personal savings), he approached me, saying that he will only marry me if I’m sure that I don’t want children.

I was a little surprised at this because we’d talked about not having them, but were often enamored when we were around young kids – leaving me to think that we would make decent parents one day. I’m still very up in the air – I could go either way at the moment – but I can’t guarantee that I’ll feel this way forever. And I think he’s nervous about that. He’s even talking about getting snipped – which makes me a little nervous. I spoke with a psychic advisor a few months ago and she told me that I would have two children. She also told me that my current boyfriend would make me very happy, but that another man (whom we believe to be a Scorpio) would make me complete – and she stressed how different that was. She told me that I needed to stay on the path that I was on, marry Nick, and that it would eventually lead to me meeting this other man (who is a bit famous) in the future. I have had moments of clarity that told me to do the same thing. I want to know if you see this happening for me and, if I am actually going to have kids, who will the father be? I’m just a little confused.


Dear Alaina,

From what I can see, you will follow through with your wedding plans, and you will marry Nick. There is much happiness that lies ahead for the two of you, especially if you focus on the life you are building now, rather than putting energy into how the future will unfold in years to come.

If you choose to have children, they will be of another man or adopted, because it looks as if your boyfriend will follow through with his sterilization plans before summer of next year. This may cause a little tension in your marriage, but you will work through it. At the time, you still aren’t firm in your position regarding motherhood, but he is firm in his choice of not wanting to have children.

What you face is not an uncommon situation, but it is one with an extreme variable: You. While I do not negate that you will be faced with a choice between men in the future, the outcome is based on your future decisions. If you choose to stay with Nick, your future will unfold one way, but you will be presented with the option to change your path, and a different future will shape and unfold.

Psychic predictions are glimpses into the future, usually based on the unfolding of a series of events. Free will is a wildcard that we psychics accept and have to deal with, and the free will decisions of our clients and the people in their lives is often the very thing that determines whether our predictions are right or wrong.

The bottom line, Alaina, is this is your life. All the predictions in the world aren’t going to map out your future in its entirety, but you living your life and following your instincts and judgments will. Before the reading you were planning your wedding and future with Nick, with a fairly high level of confidence and joy. Now, you are questioning almost everything because of a prediction of an event that will not present itself for years, but is still connected with the decisions you make in the present. We influence and shape our own lives… our own destinies. It’s all about choices. Sometimes the best thing to do is concentrate on what is right for today and plan for making tomorrow brighter based on what we know to be true right now. “Now” is what we have to work with, and work through, and how we handle “now” is what defines the events and situations we face in the future.

Having children of your own is a choice, not a destiny carved in stone. It is something you can make happen, or choose not to allow. The way it is being presented to me is that if you decide in the future that you want to have a family, you will find a way to make it happen, most likely with another man. However, if you are happy and content with your life with Nick, childless as it will be, you will have every reason to continue on with him and will not be inclined to end your marriage or stray. Your future – everyone’s, really – has possibilities and options. It is a classic situation of an “either/or” question. If you do this, then that will happen – but if you do that, the outcome will be this.

My advice is to quit thinking about it, and simply allow the future to unfold. When the time comes for you to make these decisions, you’ll work with the facts at hand and make the right ones.

Good luck!
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