Love and War

California Psychics get calls from people in our U.S. Armed Forces as well as those who are in love with them. They have special pressures to deal with due to the separation and fears that going away to war bring on. Pressures that force them to make choices they may not be ready to make, as well as choices they would rather not make, tells, Lucrecia ext. 9326 a Clairvoyant and Tarot reader.

This particular story of love and war stands out in the mind of the psychic, because her caller Jordan (not her real name) made a life-altering decision based on a natural progression of information she received during several psychic readings, mixed with her own judgment and intuition. “The future was always in the hands and the heart of my caller,” Lucrecia says proudly. It’s a romantic tale based on a beautiful marriage of psychic help and free will.

“Why has my boyfriend suddenly stopped talking to me and why won’t he see me?” Jordan asked Lucrecia who looked into her Tarot deck for answers.

“He’s a soldier.”

“How did you know?”

“The Knight of Swords came up first. The card is reversed. I can see he’s having problems. He’s decided to make the military his career, but he’s concerned about you because of the choice he’s made,” Lucrecia explained to her client.

“Really? But, I’ve always believed that Vik (not his real name) is the one. I really feel that way… but I’ve been writing and emailing and he won’t respond. Should I stop writing to him? He’s going back to Iraq soon.”

The Two of Cups card, (illustrated with a man and a woman standing and gazing towards one another), came up next in the reading, the Tarot reader recalls. “The card was reversed, which said to me that Jordan and Vik were not able to take the next step in their relationship.”

Lucrecia, who was now using her clairvoyance, knew that Vik was reading his mail from Jordan, but was afraid to respond. “Keep writing. He looks forward to your messages. He feels so much for you, but he also thinks that giving you up may be the right thing to do – he’s going back into a dangerous situation. If he communicates with you he’s afraid he’ll break down and see you.”

“I’ve been saving myself for the right man,” Jordan filled in. “As soon as I decided that Vik is the right man, he backed off.”

“With that, the reading became clear as a bell!” Lucrecia remembers. Jordan’s boyfriend was reluctant to see her, because he did not want to end up hurting her. “He doesn’t want to take things too far, then go away to war,” the psychic pointed out.

Days later, love specialist Lucrecia heard from Jordan again. Vik had sent her an email that read, “I wish you all the best in life.” She was heartbroken.

But the psychic could see that whatever walls he had put up were actually breaking down. “Let him know that there’s no reason to write you off completely, because you’re still friends,” Lucrecia suggested.

Several weeks later Jordan announced to Lucrecia, “Vik proposed to me. I don’t know what to say. Maybe he just wants to have sex with me and that’s why he asked?”

“Well I don’t see that!” Lucrecia laughed as she tuned into her client. “That’s never been an issue with him. He respects your feelings and that’s one of the reasons he backed off. His proposal is genuine.”

“Your wish came true. You wanted Vik to come back into your life. Now the decision to marry is yours, alone…This is a very special decision. Please meditate on it and pray on it. This is not a decision that you need to make on the phone now, ” Lucrecia advised before the call ended.

“We’re engaged!” began her next call from Jordan. “But there’s no rush, no wedding date. I took your advice and asked for guidance. I decided that when Vik comes back from Iraq we can think more seriously about our future together.”

The psychic could not have been happier about how things worked out with Vik and Jordan. “I sensed that she would handle her decisions well,” Lucrecia added. “In the end, Jordan understood that when it comes to the stresses of long separations, especially in times of war, it’s best not to push anyone, or push yourself.” True love will wait.

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