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Best Job For Each Zodiac Sign | California Psychics

Zodiac Traits

Trying to figure out what the best job or career path is for you can be rough. Many people have agonized over this decision, uncertain of which job would be best. Perhaps you’re working but considering a career change, and you’re unsure about which direction to go. One important way to discover which job would make you the happiest is through studying your zodiac sign.


Oh, Feisty One. Being bossed around on the job is enough to make you miserable. But before you aim your horns and ram into the next bossy bully you encounter, realize that you have many choices in how you earn your money. Rescuing folks is a surefire job for you. Your go-getter energy makes you a top entrepreneur in business or an excellent fitness trainer. You’re happiest being the Boss.


You are the sign of the Bull, but fighting is something you’d rather avoid. You’d take being in fields of flowers over battlegrounds any day. You keep hearing about how stubborn you are, but you often see it more as stick-to-it-iveness. You are good in business and finance, but you can also dance gracefully across a stage or whip up a meal worthy of the greatest chef. Decorating delights you, because your inner artist loves making things more beautiful.


You are known for having two sides; one that’s lots of fun, and the other more serious. You mesh these sides together in your work, and you enjoy any job that allows you to let your charisma sparkle while you meet lots of people, or work in social media, or communications. You cannot stand being driven like a slave, and you detest being bored. Your ever-curious mind would make you a fine scientist or teacher.


Your nurturing nature can ease every life you touch. You would make a wonderful nurse or doctor for people or animals. You love your home, and you might even build it. You are protective and loyal. You don’t really want to give into being crabby, and you do your best to help others, which makes you happy. Childcare would be a great job for you. You’d also do well as a nutritionist.


O Monarch of the Zodiac, you love to get your Rawr on. You were built to rule with love and you know it. You’ve got some acting ability, and you use it all the time. Performing makes your heart sing, but so does being a leader. You can bite, but you prefer to purr, and a job with status and power is just the thing to delight you, whether you’re a CEO, a politician, or the lead in a play.


It’s true that you work very hard, and that you are quite the perfectionist. You strive for excellence while trying to avoid being overly critical. You appreciate detailed work, so being a data analyst or editor is a good fit. But so is being a therapist, because of your listening skills and deep empathy.


You like people. You are friendly and kind, even to perfect strangers. You’re also stubborn and you can argue a lawyer under the table. Speaking of that, you’d make a great lawyer or judge or police officer, because you seek peace, balance, and harmony in all things. You would also do well as a diplomat or performer in the arts.


You are a powerful magnet; people are drawn to your sensual mystery. You are very sensitive and intuitive. You keep the secrets entrusted to you, so working as a counselor suits you well. You love to discover the truth, making you a natural detective. You are driven to help others heal, which would make you a brilliant surgeon or psychiatrist. You were born to handle a crisis, and you find deep contentment in helping others overcome their struggles in life.


You wish you were born with wings to fly, so you do the next best thing and ride in a plane, train, car, or even jump astride a horse to take you everywhere, as long as you are going someplace intriguing. Which you feel is just about anywhere but here. You’d be an inspirational minister. You would make people laugh as a comedian. You’d shine as a forest ranger, animal trainer, and of course, a travel agent.


You are known for being a hard worker. Like a sturdy goat who climbs the tallest mountains, you persevere until you get to the top. Remember that your antidote to worry is action, and you’ll feel better immediately. You work well as a manager. You climb high in the corporate world, engineering, and building rocket ships.


Freedom is your battle cry. You rebel against being held back. You think outside the box, which makes you a brilliant designer, artist, or computer wizard. Working from home where you can set your own schedule suits you. You are good with people and a true humanitarian, so a job where you guide others fills your soul.


Your old soul and compassionate, intuitive nature are wonderful gifts you bring to your work. You do well as a stylist or in any job where you create beauty in others. You thrive in the metaphysical arts, and your healing talents would make you a fine physical therapist.

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