6 Things to Do Instead of Giving Up

6 Things to Do Instead of Giving Up

Self-Doubt is Human

No matter how confident and self-assured you are, you may find yourself in a period of self-doubt. It’s just a part of being human. But when you’re working toward a goal or dream, this doubt can creep in when you least expect—or want—it to, leaving you feeling depleted and unsure if you can keep going.

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Instead of throwing in the towel and losing hope, give yourself the chance of overcoming your negative feelings first. When you feel like giving up, run through this list of pick-me-ups and soon you’ll be back on your feet, inspired to go on.

1. Remember Your Strengths
Sometimes, all it takes is a reminder that you really can do it to get back on track. You might make a list of all the things you’re good at and all the skills you have. If you’re stumped, take a trip down memory lane of your successes. You can look at past projects you’ve completed, goals you’ve met, and people whose lives you’ve impacted for the better. This will certainly give you the inspiration you need and keep you from giving up.

2. Revisit (or Create) Your Manifestation Tools
If you’ve created a vision board or have been journaling to help manifest your goal, now’s a great time to go back to those tools and remind yourself what you’re working toward and why. However, if you don’t have those tools, use your mental setback as an opportunity to create them instead of just giving up. The act of focusing on why you’re working hard, despite the struggles, will keep you wanting to strive even more.

3. Take One More Step Toward Your Goal
When you feel like you’ve hit a roadblock, going one step further will show you that you can do it. It’s like holding a yoga pose for one more breath before giving up. Often our minds tell us we’re too weak when our bodies are anything but. Use this mentality to convince yourself not to give up. Even a small step in the right direction can give you the push you need to keep going.

4. Phone a Friend
Talking to someone about why you want to give up can be a helpful tool to get you working toward your goal again. Having someone who can inspire you and analyze why you want to quit will give you a new perspective, as well as an outside boost of motivation.

5. Journal About Your Fears
Putting your worries on paper will take some of their power away. You may even realize that some of your fears have no basis in reality or are a result of you feeling less confident right now. Seeing the tangible words will allow you to decide if these fears are real or just in your head.

6. Think About What Giving Up Gets You
You may have already imagined what life can be like if you meet your goal and all the wonderful things that might happen. But that can feel far away when you want to give up. Instead, think about what quitting will get you—that reality would start the moment you decide to call off your goal. You may not like your current life situation but remembering that you want to change will give you the mental push you need to keep going. Or, you may even realize that you love your current life now and don’t want to work toward your goal after all. If you decide to give up now, at least you’ll do so purposefully and with a clear mind—that’s the path to no regrets.

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    Will I be blessed with a Christian man who will love me and my little dog and I can love him?
    Even though my husband married the other woman, does he feel bad at all of how he mistreated me. I will always feel that we should have gone counseling. Devon refused for us to go.
    I need some happy information to be excited about my life again.
    My mother who was also my best friend, passed away during the turmoil of my marriage. I have been consumed with grief. Could someone please try to contact her. I miss her terribly. If she may want to guide me and help me with my grief for her.
    I don’t want to be alone the rest of my life


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