Your March Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Your March Mercury Retrograde Horoscope

Look Back but Go Forward

People often blame every difficulty on Mercury retrograde, but it’s actually a period that can be useful if we build on its real purpose. With Mercury being the communicator/traveler that links us all together, it’s a wonderful time to review old projects you’ve put on the back burner, relax, and reassess your priorities in life.

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Of course, many don’t have the luxury of relaxing and working slowly due to work and family demands. Instead, take short, quiet breaks to clear your mind. This will actually make your work quicker and easier.

Fiery, Fearless Aries

This Mercury retrograde begins on March 23 and ends on April 14, taking place in fiery, fearless, desiring Aries. Aries normally moves very fast, so watch out for impatience, aggression, and thoughtlessness.

You have some brilliant energy and ideas, but share them with forethought and give yourself some extra time to make appointments on time and meet deadlines. You may start feeling these effects as early as March 8 and as late as May 3, due to the Mercury retrograde shadow. As a result, you may still have communication, contract, and travel issues.

Each Sun Sign will be addressing these issues in different areas of life and you’ll enjoy the benefits of looking back at your life so you can go forward with better strategy and power!


Slowing down and learning patience is not your normal mode of operation and doesn’t feel natural. However, this will be the best thing you can do for yourself during this Mercury retrograde period. Pausing and simply making thoughtful efforts will offer great rewards. It will serve your personal and work life.


This is a really beneficial time for self-reflection and reviewing your mental and physical health. You are passion-driven which is exciting, but it’s also tough to manage. Use that energy to pursue major plans around career and relationships and see them as something that will happen in their own time.


Your word will carry your life force and full energy in April. Major relationships that go beyond a single lifetime will surprise you. It will be like you know what the other is thinking. Legal or political actions you care about can finally move forward in mid-April.


This Mercury retrograde period helps you communicate with a new sensitivity. If your words fall short, try creating something beautiful and loving to share your true feelings with others. As private as you are with your language, creating a beautiful dinner and a loving, handmade card could be a better expression.


You’re particularly witty and energetic during this period. The major learning experience with this Mercury retrograde period is to use compassion when you speak to families who could be experiencing a sense of loss. Your loving energy and ability to make others laugh serve you.


You are ready to build something solid and permanent in your life. Focusing on travel or education will bring real benefits. Through mid-April think about what you really want in life and love. You’re set to make it all happen by being the real you.


Your partner will be full of charm and loving joy, yet you’ll have times when it feels too intense and erratic—like they aren’t grounded in their words and commitments. Give them about a month to settle into a fun reality for both of you.


Invest in long-term commitments for your career, home, and love life during this Mercury retrograde period. You’ll see real results in your hopes and plans when Mercury is retrograde again in July/August and your birthday month. Then it’s time to finalize everything with joy.


This Mercury retrograde will be the perfect time to clarify your personal expression through creative work. That will put you in touch with powerful feelings that will free you. Conversely, an innocent and brilliant idea from a child will reach you and open a new reality. You’ll also heal others with your creation.


You feel the passion and the transformational energy of this Mercury retrograde period. You have an intense desire to complete projects, get a new business going, or set up a new home. Be patient. If you have to sign a contract, take care to read the fine print or get an attorney if it’s appropriate.


You feel high-energy during this Mercury retrograde, so avoid frustration by sharing your hopes and dreams with real friends and enjoy their feedback. They’ll have great ideas, so take all of them in and see what works for you. If you can spend this time to reflect and define your future, do it.


Mercury retrograde gives you an opportunity to self-reflect, particularly regarding how you handle finances and whether you’ve allowed yourself the abundance you deserve—not only in finance but in love and spiritual satisfaction too. Take time to study and enjoy travel if you can.

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