The 5 Things You Think You Want

The 5 Things You Think You Want

There’s a Price to Pay for What You Want

These days, it’s all too easy to compare ourselves to others—and their supposedly better lives. Social media plays a big role here and so too does the entertainment industry, as both put idealized lives on display for us to inevitably contrast our own (lack of?) success. But sometimes, what we see on our newsfeeds—and in the news itself—seems much better than it is. Here are five things you may think you want and the price those who enjoy them often have to pay.

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1. Financial Success (But no amount of money is ever enough)
Making a lot of money can make your life much, much easier, so it’s no surprise many people want a lot more money. There’s no stress when rent’s due, and no anxiety every time you check your account balances. But, with great financial success often comes the drive to keep earning—no amount is ever good enough. In fact, a large-scale study on money and happiness found that no matter how much people make over $75,000 a year, they don’t feel any happier. So, those millionaires aren’t necessarily enjoying the good life even though they have the means to live it.

2. Tons of Friends (But no one you really feel close to)
Social media in particular has the power to create FOMO (fear of missing out) when you see big groups of people (perhaps old friends or acquaintances) getting together to have a good time. Perhaps you want the same thing. But remember that the amount of bodies in a photo or tagged in a status don’t really mean much. Just because someone has a big group of buddies or a huge social following, that doesn’t mean they don’t also experience loneliness. In fact, they may not feel close to any of these people at all.

3. The Perfect Family (But a fear that it’s all a façade)
Many of us know a family we compare our own to, whether it’s a celebrity couple with perfect kids or a high school pal’s ideal marriage and seemingly angelic brood. You may want that too, but given that every family has drama and issues, think about how painful it must be for those “flawless” families when the images they post don’t compare with their real lives. Surely, not every aspect of their lives is perfect! Therefore, the fear of being the opposite of what they portray must weigh heavily on them.

4. Fame and Notoriety (But no privacy)
You may want to be a famous singer or actor. Sure, celebrities look like they have all the fun and get to enjoy all sorts of exciting opportunities. But there’s a huge price to pay with fame—a major lack of privacy and personal space. Imagine having to travel with a bodyguard (or a “handler”) who needs to field crazed fans and paparazzi cameras. It may be fun for a day or two to experience that way of life but not being able to grab a cup of coffee without putting makeup on or being scrutinized for everything you say does not make for a happy lifestyle.

5. The Ability to Travel the World (But no place to call home)
Exploring different countries can be an amazing experience. It’s easy to feel pangs of jealousy when you see people jet-setting to exciting places while you’re stuck at your desk or at home with the kids. But know that people who take on a life of constant travel can lack that feeling of being grounded. If they travel for work, they may feel drained. If they travel for fun, chances are they worry about having enough money to get to the next place. Having a constant spot to call home is arguably better than perpetually picking up and moving on as some people think they want.

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3 thoughts on “The 5 Things You Think You Want


    i would like to know why thanks going good and then lose it all and what i must do to get it back when i had all the toys i wasnt going to church or doing anythang wright now im not doing to things that i was doing before its just dont feel like doing the right thing is the way to go being bad was so easy for me to do and had it made its just not fair that doing theright thing is so hard and hard to get ahead in life

  2. Monica

    This article definitely makes some good points, but there is nothing wrong with wanting and attaining these five listed things as long as we know inner peace and happiness comes within ourselves. As long as we have a good relationship with ourselves and good spiritual awareness, we can have anything we want and be able to handle it. After all, having goals and dreams is what makes life sweet :). Cheers!


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