Use Astrology to Remember Them on Memorial Day

Use Astrology to Remember Them on Memorial Day

Memorial Day Astrology

Memorial Day is a sacred and powerful time. In those special moments when you remember your treasured loved ones who have been lost, you recreate that person in the present, along with everything they’ve given you. This person really is part of you. Their voice is inside you, offering guidance in difficult times, making you laugh at your own mistakes, and helping you realize you’re an amazing person. They may have left this realm, but memories of their expressions of love are available to you every day.

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Given that continued relationship, even without the person’s physical presence, you want to honor your special loved one, and Memorial Day offers a time for this. Your loved one’s Sun sign can help guide you in celebrating them in a way they’d certainly appreciate:


Your Aries would want a remembrance as full of life as they were. They were proud of how fearless they were in the face of nearly everything, so wave their favorite flag—whether it was a cause or a sports team. You might even want to fly that pennant while you enjoy their favorite sport on Memorial Day.


Whatever you do for your remembered Taurus, make it beautiful and real. Your Taurus luxuriated in the pure beauty of family and friends, and in gorgeous surroundings, whether it was a highrise condo, art, and music, or a verdant place in the country. Honor them with a beautiful celebration in their environment of choice on Memorial Day.


Speak in honor or your Gemini. Post or publish a document honoring their gifts to you or engrave something with their best quote. Your beloved Gemini, in spirit, is still flexible, so work out what’s best for your self-expression combined with theirs. Even a quick road trip to their favorite spot will honor them.


Honoring your Cancer is all about family and home. Plant a garden in their honor or hold a joyous gathering for them filled with love. Your Cancer loved anything associated with water, sensitivity to each other, and feeding the body and soul. Therefore, it’s a great idea to go boating or have a great feast with your Cancer’s recipes in honor of their memory.


Have a party for your Leo; celebrate and make it grand too. Bring the kids and let them express themselves in joyous ways, remembering your loved one. A Leo may well have created the Day of the Dead celebrations in Mexico. It’s just Leo’s style—party all night. Celebrate their greatness! Include a big photo, light candles, play music, and show videos of them as well.


Thank your Virgo loved one in various forms like notes, flowers, and even lovingly reviewing scrapbooks. Cooking a healthy meal for friends and family in honor of your Virgo could also be perfect. Your Virgo probably supported you in subtle ways and seldom asked to be thanked. Therefore, taking good care of yourself would please your Virgo most.


Whatever you do on Memorial Day, make it beautiful, sweet, and loving. Your Libra would want everyone they ever loved included in your tribute, whether it’s a social event, a photo, or a group Internet event or email. Maybe all of these things combined would be a good approach to honoring them on Memorial Day. Loving interaction is the key to your Libra’s purpose in life.


Your Scorpio would want you to look inside yourself to see your fears exposed as merely your imagination, and your dreams exposed as a potential reality. While honoring your Scorpio in the deepest parts of your soul serves both of you, they also loved intelligent action. So take what you discover as you meditate on their importance in your life to help guide your plans.


Your Sag loved one would want you to gaze at the stars and realize there are no limits to what you can be. You might temporarily name a star after them and watch the sky celebrate brilliantly, since their gaze was always to the heights, in one way or another. Lighting a candle and joyously expressing yourself on Memorial Day would also please your Sag.


Your Capricorn was always focused on what would be best for you and your life. Even if they seemed remote, their focus was on what was best for everyone—particularly you. They wanted you to grow to your greatest potential. Therefore, build something for them, whether it’s a dinner celebration or the structure of your own successful life.


Whatever you do for your Aquarius, make certain that it’s as one-of-a-kind as they were. Nothing would bore your loved one more than doing something traditional. Therefore, make your celebration of their life grand and fun, relish their quirkier qualities, and invite everyone they loved.


Your Pisces loved romance in every form. Therefore, a moonlight ceremony full of beauty can work. A romantic dinner for everyone who loved your Pisces is a great idea too. Just make it magical, dreamy, and full of your Pisces’s favorite music and ideals. Who knows? You may catch a glimpse of their spirit in the mists.

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