4 Habits to Make You Look Good Without Becoming a Suck Up

Bosses Love It When…

“If you’re going out to get a sandwich, you ask anybody else, hey, do you want a sandwich?”

This adviceAt work, in order for you to advance in your career you need to impress your boss. These tips will help improve your professional growth.
came from my dad’s friend, Nicky, before I started my first job out of college. A simple, almost funny, tip, but I’ve always remembered that conversation, because Nicky’s tip revealed a bigger message—that in the workplace, surpassing your expectations is valued, and often rewarded. Do you feel like you are stuck in a professional rut? Talk to Psychic Aida ext. 5387 and get tips on how to make your boss notice your good work.

I’ve been in the workforce for about 10 years, in a wide array of settings, encompassing restaurants, academics, freelancing, and major corporations. Despite the surface differences, there are commonalities to every position that’ll get you noticed by the bosses, acknowledged by your peers, and position you for advancement. Though interpersonal politics can occasionally affect whether your efforts are rewarded, at the very least, the following tips will set you on the path to your professional growth, wherever your career takes you:

Be Willing to Expand Your Role

“Go above and beyond” may be a cliché, but it’s a cliché for a good reason! Yes, we’re hired to do the job that is outlined in our job description, and to do it well. However, the people who do a little extra, such as putting in more effort to produce an excellently executed project, doing more research, or uncovering and providing potential solutions to roadblocks, are the ones who get noticed. Get personalized advice, contact a psychic today!

This also means a willingness to learn and grow in your field. That may involve getting more education, finding mentors in your company, or pairing with peers to exchange knowledge. A positive attitude toward growing in your role not only is a great benefit to your professional development, but it makes your boss identify you as a valuable asset to the business. Do you need an attitude adjustment? Psychic Sabrina ext. 9222 can set you on the right path to a more positive you!

It’s the Not-So-Little Things

Be on time (or better yet early!), remember meetings, respond promptly to emails and phone calls, adhere to your company’s procedures, and keep your word. These seemingly minor matters actually have tremendous weight. You may be brilliant at your job, but a reputation for unreliability will affect your chances of growth and advancement. It’s more than likely that your boss is quietly noting your behavior even if he or she doesn’t come right out and address it. As the proverb goes, “for want of a nail the shoe was lost.”

Avoid the Drama

Granted, sometimes we all need the space to vent a bit, especially these days when employees are facing significant upheaval at many companies. But no good can come of gossiping about your coworkers or higher-ups, or spreading rumors or other forms of negativity. You may think that these actions are private, but loyalties can turn on a dime. This is business, not your personal life. Your words and actions can come back to haunt you, and you may burn bridges that someday you wish you hadn’t.

So when someone tries to pull you into drama or gossip, I suggest the old smile, nod, and change the topic. And if there is a genuine problem, resolve it through the proper channels, such as HR or other mediation.

How May I Serve?

At some point in your career, you may find yourself in the position of “elder statesman” regardless of your chronological age. Use the knowledge you’ve gained in your area of specialty beyond what you do at your desk (or lab, or classroom, etc.). Join strategic committees, or create them. Pair up with someone to offer your assistance as a mentor. Not only will these efforts get you noticed, it never hurts to create a little good karma too!

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One thought on “4 Habits to Make You Look Good Without Becoming a Suck Up

  1. Evelyn

    I read all the above with interest and gained a lot of ideas from this article. I am ‘however, caught ina situation where I feel I am not getting enough reward for my effort. I used to be the assistant of my director but she was transfered and I had a new boss. She recommended the dismissal of most of the existing worker and recommends new ones whom she favours ecause she contributed to their recruitment. she gives all the glory to them and appointed one of them as her new assistant and I am now two steps below. When there’s any technical or difficult aspect of work, she gives me to do it because she knows I can but will not give to others. Even when stuck , she calls me for assistance or suggestion. Actually, she makes me do things such as give suggestions to make in management meetings and also prepare reports that she presents in her name and also projects the image of my new colleague. I do all the work while they take the credit for it. What can I do in this situation. All I think about it to quit the job but finding a new job is not easy for the unemployment rate is too high.


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