Astrology: Finding Happiness After the Storm

How Each Sign Copes with Loss

Whether it’s the death of a loved one, the demise of a relationship, the disintegration of a dream, or the end of a job, perhaps the most difficult thing to deal with in this life is loss. But, understanding how to cope with loss can help you to better navigate the rocky road to recovering from it.

On that note, while everyone reacts differently, our Sun Signs influence not only our perspectives on the world, but our reactions to life’s twists and turns. So it follows that there are some universal truths (by sign) about how we contend with loss. To know more about how you, or your loved one, behave in the face of literal or figurative death, and get tips for helping each sign through their grief, read on…


Headstrong and fierce, Aries doesn’t show weakness. Hence, a Ram may seem unaffected in the face of loss. However, Aries is as emotional as anyone and there are plenty of complicated feelings (anger, disappointment, hurt) bubbling beneath their steely surface. Are complicated feelings bubbling beneath the surface keeping you from healing? Talk to Psychic Kennedy ext. 5519 because she can give you the tools you need to heal!

Advice: Don’t dote. Be subtle in your acknowledgment, but clear in your willingness to be there if the Ram needs an ear, a shoulder or a drink!


It’s not always easy to see just how sensitive Taurus is. That’s because of their bull-like exterior. However, perhaps second only to Cancer, Taurus is a tender heart and they’re highly averse to change. As a result, when sad, they have a tendency to wallow—maybe even turning to food or sexual partnership as a means of masking the upset.

Advice: Cook your Taurus loved one a meal and listen to them. They may not have much to say, but your presence will make all the difference.


Mood swings are the most common characteristic of a mourning Gemini. And no wonder—the Twins are dualistic in nature. Look for Gem to vacillate between a racing mind and utter restlessness.

Advice: This sign likes to talk. Let them.


When faced with the demise of a person, relationship or situation of any importance, Cancer is likely to hole up in their shell. That won’t necessarily mean they’ll want to be alone—they’ll just need to nurse their wounds.

Advice: Help a Cancer cope with a literal shoulder to cry on. Be close by and pamper them however seems fit. They respond to maternal energy.


Leo seems strong, proud or lion-like. However, they’re truly tender types with huge hearts and fierce loyalties. So, when loss comes their way, lions are devastated. Whether they express that or not depends on the Leo (heaven forbid they show weakness), but rest assured, they’re hurting… and may lash out at the wrong people as a result.

Advice: Take the lashing with a gentle reminder that you’re there to help, not hurt. Offer your services, but don’t offer unsolicited advice.


Practical Virgo is an ordered creature who, when struck by loss (particularly the unexpected sort), will want to lean on routine and ritual. They’ll want to go through whatever steps necessary to properly acknowledge what’s been lost in order to move on and may be surprised when it takes longer than expected.

Advice: Approach the Virgin from a practical perspective. Let them know everything they feel is normal and you’re there to facilitate whatever it is they need.


Balance is a Libran’s core virtue. Thereby, a Libran thrown off balance is apt to be a mess. After all, when establishing and maintaining harmony is your guiding principle, dealing with the emotional and practical disorder of loss is even harder than it is for most people. Expect brooding, crying and over-sensitivity.

Advice: Keep your mouth shut and listen, preferably in soothing, beautiful surroundings. For instance, take Libra to the beach.


If anyone will go inward when they’ve lost someone or something, it’s the stinger. These natural-born brooders are introspective to the core. They want to understand the hows and whys of life on a cellular level. However, while some signs are apt for displays, a sad Scorpio will probably maintain a cool exterior. Don’t mistake it for heartlessness. It’s the exact opposite. It’s empathy.

Advice: Allow room for reflection. Give Scorp some reading on coping with loss, or an inspirational poem or movie and be there in case they need an ear.


Sagittarian sadness can come off as anger. It’s a mix of the two, but it’s rare to see their softer side when dealing with life-changing loss. The Archer may fly off the handle more easily than usual or overreact to tiny inconveniences. Is your anger getting the best of you? Talk to Psychic Jonathan ext. 9601 and learn to let it go.

Advice: Steer clear when they’re angry unless you can take a tongue lashing. Leave little gifts that assure them of your presence and offer an open door.


The goat will likely throw themselves into work when faced with the loss of someone or something they care about. They’re workaholics! They also may lean a little heavily on alcohol, food or sex.

Advice: Don’t baby them verbally, but cater to them physically, with good food, nice (albeit not too much) wine and physical affection. Your presence in a sensual way will go a long way to offering them much needed creature comforts.


If anyone’s going to run after a major loss, it’s the Water Bearer. In fact, you may find their disconnection downright baffling. It’s just their way of coping with intense emotion.

Advice: Allow them space, while assuring them you’re there, and point out that other people may need them now, too.


The fish is known to descend into depression and odds are, that’s the direction things will go to one degree or another. Look out for too much drinking (or drug use), or a disconnection from reality.

Advice: Encourage Pisces to get out and to express themselves artistically. Allow them the fact that sadness is normal, but don’t indulge dangerous behavior.

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