The 15 Best Crystals for Spiritual Protection

Best Crystals for Spiritual Protection | California Psychics

Find Protection with These Crystals

Every crystal possesses superpowers. Sometimes we all need a superhero or superheroine to help protect us in times of trouble, fear, and anxiety, and certain crystals can do that for you. Our main focus here is protection of your spirit, but happily, these crystals radiate both protection and healing into your emotional and physical planes as well.

If you feel intuitively guided to carry particular crystals on your person, then by all means, feel free to do so. You can wear them as jewelry or put several small crystals of many kinds in a little drawstring bag and tuck it in your wallet, purse, or pocket. You can place larger crystals in different areas of your home. As you wish. Here are the 15 best crystals for spiritual protection.

Black Tourmaline

If you could choose only one mighty crystal to help protect your spirit, Black Tourmaline is it. Known as a “Force Field Protector,” this black shimmering beauty of the Root Chakra is said to act like a powerful shield to protect you from every kind of negative energy. It is believed to help you feel safe, protected, and secure, as well as to relieve stress.

This dark crystal helps ground you so that you feel solid and strong in every situation. Carry a piece of this on you to protect yourself from negging frenemies, aggressive people, and your own dark thoughts. We all have dark thoughts, and too often we are self-critical to the point of actual pain. It is said that Black Tourmaline will help you let go of these kinds of painful thoughts and release you from pain, clear emotional blockages, and transmute negative energy and thoughts into that which is positive.

Black Obsidian

Like a magical shield of protection, Black Obsidian is known to send negativity howling back to its source. This jet-black gemstone is known as “the Mirror,” and is said to reflect and cleanse negative energy from your psyche, spirit, and aura. It is connected to the Root Chakra and helps keep you grounded, stable, and strong. It is thought to help purify inner negative energy and release it.

Black Onyx

This shiny black gemstone is an ancient stone of protection and is connected to the Root Chakra. Known as a “Stone of Release,” it is said to deflect the negative energy of others. Black Onyx is believed to act like a warrior to protect you from fear.

Black Kyanite

Aligned with the Root Chakra and used by healers for aura cleansing and clearing energy blockages, Black Kyanite also provides intense protection from negative energies. Called a “Cord Cutter” stone, it slices through darkness, releasing you from negative influences.

Black Shungite

This midnight-black mineral, while not a crystal, is considered to be a “Miracle Stone,” and is said to provide protection from electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). We are surrounded by electromagnetic waves from electrical grids, cell phones, computers, and all kinds of electronic devices. Attached to the Root Chakra, this ancient grounding stone is believed to be a strong healer and protector from all negative energies. Black Shungite allows only positive energies to reach you.


Used as a stress and anxiety reliever and purifier of negative energy, Jet is also considered to be a strong protector from dark forces. This deep black gemstone is aligned with the Root Chakra and is known as a “Calming Stone”.


This gold-colored gemstone, called a “Wealth Attractor,” is thought to be uniquely potent in shielding and protecting you from every kind of negative vibration, harm, or danger, even as it draws in financial abundance. While also known as “Fool’s Gold,” there’s nothing foolish about it. Associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra, Pyrite is said to help you see through lies, deception, and facades.


Connected to your Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, this bright olive-green gemstone is called “the Extreme Gem,” for it is born of fire. It is believed to protect your aura and your heart. Peridot possesses the power of the sun and drives away forces of darkness. It is said to protect you against envy, gossip, and deceptive people.


This yellow-green stone, called a “Stone of Unconditional Love,” is connected to both the Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, and is believed to protect you from absorbing negative energy from other people. Prehnite is said to fill you with unconditional love, for love carries its own supremely powerful protection.


Silvery steel gray in color, Hematite is known as a “Grounding Stone,” and is connected to the Root Chakra. It is thought to imbue you with great strength and endurance. It is said to help keep your willpower at its highest peak when needed to weather any storm, be it spiritual, emotional, or physical.

Smoky Quartz

This transparent crystal with its smoky insides is known as the “Stone of Power,” and is said to protect you by making you invisible so you can do what you set out to do without being disturbed, disrupted, or distracted by negative energies. Smoky Quartz is aligned with all Chakras, but especially the Root and Solar Plexus Chakras, and is known to cleanse your spirit of anything that’s holding you back from within.


Aligned with the Third Eye and Crown Chakras, this wondrous purple workhorse of the crystal universe is extraordinarily protective in every way. It carries a very high vibration and it helps you set and keep boundaries in place as it prevents surrounding negative energies from attaching to you, be they from other people or dark spirits.

Sara Coughlin of recommends that if you decide to go ghost-hunting this season, carry an Amethyst gemstone and one of the black gemstones listed above, such as Jet or Shungite. When used together, they will provide you with support and psychic openness to safely sense ghostly presences.


This gloriously green jewel, one of the precious stones, is aligned with the Heart Chakra. It displays its incredibly protective qualities in all of its forms, whether raw, tumbled, or faceted. It doesn’t have to cost a great deal to have some kind of Emerald to protect you from negative forces. Traditionally worn to protect against spells and enchantments, today it can be used to shield you from the negative vibrations of other people and difficult life situations.


This newly discovered gemstone is bright white with pink flecks of Thulite and is imbued with Fire energy. Cinabrite is thought to protect you and your loved ones, your possessions, and your physical and spiritual safety and security. Known as a “Stone of Protection,” it is connected to the Root Chakra.


Known as a “Harmonizer Stone,” Sodalite, with its deep blue indigo color laced with white, is associated with the Third Eye and Throat Chakras. It is said to help you deepen trust in your intuition, which is one of your greatest natural forms of protection. It is believed to protect you from both spiritual and physical harm, as it creates healing through calm and serenity.

A Blessing for Protection

May you be ever blessed with spiritual protection, and may these crystals assist you in feeling always safe, sound, and secure.

Best Crystals for Spiritual Protection infographic | California Psychics

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