The Veil is Lifting, So Honor Your Deceased Loved Ones

Gone But Not Forgotten

This is a special time of year because the veil is lifting between your living self and your deceased family and friends. All Soul’s Eve on October 31(Halloween) and All Soul’s Day on November 1 are linked to the Celtic Cross-Quarter Day, Samhain—the end of summer and the preparation for winter. The Celts prepared the cattle to eat over the winter months, with reverence for the cycle of life.

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In the West, Dia de Los Muertos/“Day of the Dead” is celebrated on November 2. On this holiday, families go to cemeteries to celebrate their deceased loved ones. It’s a colorful and joyous celebration with feasting.

If you’d like to honor your deceased loved ones, you can set up shrines with photos and/or mementos, light candles, play your deceased loved one’s favorite music, prepare their favorite foods, and offer up their favorite drink as well. You can set a place for them at the dinner table, call their names aloud, and also tell their stories. However, if you’d like to do something a bit more personal because the veil is lifting, that’s also in line with your Sun sign, consider these ideas.


You’re deeply devoted to life, those who gave you life, and those who give their life for you. You’re great at recognizing soldiers/first responders deserving of love and honor. The veil is lifting, so this is the perfect time to give back to the people who protect your community—both the living and deceased.


You feel your ancestors most when you go for walks or tend to your garden. A stroll along the beach or time spent in the woods would help you connect to them now that the veil is lifting.You’re also very good at building shrines to loved ones, so display their photos, exhibit things they’ve created or continue to create in their honor.


No one is better at speaking the truth than you. And now that the veil is lifting, you can use your talents to share your deceased loved ones’ visions. You are a master of words and can preserve their stories to make them come “alive.”


Now that the veil is lifting, you feel a dramatic connection during the sacred period of Samhain. Jupiter has moved into Scorpio—the sign of the celebration of kindred souls. Your intuitive nature will serve you well at this time, and what you discover will be rich with promise if you listen within.


You love children because they are the future, but you also intently feel your ancestry. In Vedic astrology, you love those who gave you life and those who gave you your creativity. The veil is lifting so come from a place of humanity and ancestry.


You are a meticulous sign and your deepest soulful connections are to Earth’s life-giving wonders. Explore and experience your ancestors’ knowledge of what nurtures us. Connecting with nature is fundamental to your ability to organize effectively. Farming in rows allows reaping the bounty.


You feel that the veil is lifting when you relate to others, particularly those in need. You bring the beauty of life to anyone who is suffering. Bringing flowers or fine foods to those who have endured our terrible fires, hurricanes or simply contributing to those who can do this makes you feel completely connected to your ancestors and your future.


Samhain is your Holiday and it represents the part of you that most people fear or don’t understand. Celebrating passageways and changes is fundamental to the life you know inherently—the roots of your being. A graveyard celebration, or safely recycling mulch, are natural to you. Death begins a new life.


Sagittarians learn about rebirth from within. The veil is lifting as you recognize that your teachings are the teachings of those who have passed on. This doesn’t mean that you have nothing new to share, but what you’ve inherited is a source of enrichment. You are a part of an ancient system of wisdom that reaches into the past and the future.


You’re the Sea-Goat, an expression of life evolving from the sea onto land. You’re richly connected to a past life but you’re also reaching toward a better future for yourself and for everyone. You naturally share the value of life’s source—from the planet we thrive on to the Universe where we dream and feel connectivity.


This holiday puts you in front of the public, when you don’t expect it nor want it. Yet you win everyone over with your amazing interconnections to the past, present, and future. You know where your roots are and love them. You also know that you’re reaching for so much more. Using your powerful intuition serves you well when the veil is lifting.


You are the sign that offers Samhain inspiration, whether it’s through your creative talents or your natural ability to see through the veil between physical life and the spirit world. As long as you’re clearly communicating what you fundamentally know, you are the perfect expression of Samhain.

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