Psychic Q&A: Patience and Time

How Long Will She Wait?

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Dear Psychic Kallista,

10 years ago, I met a man who I believe is my soulmate and I’ve given him nothing but patience and time. We have always kept in touch and we see each other periodically. He has a government job with the FAA and so he is traveling constantly for work. Also, he has limited time off. I know that he will eventually retire from this job and that will open the door for us to be together, so I am willing to be patient. My question for you is, do you see my patience and time paying off? Will our relationship lead to marriage? I appreciate any insight you have.

Psychic Kallista ext. 962 responds:

Thank you for your question.

You two certainly have a deep connection. You make him smile when he feels stressed. So often you will say just what he needs to hear and he will dwell on it as he travels. He sees you as a lovely woman; attractive and wise and a comfort to him. Your patience and time with this man are already paying off. You would not still be in this if it weren’t. But you’ve paid an emotional price too, for this has been more than a little painful for you at times.

As I meditated on your question, I felt the shadow of another woman stemming from his past that has caused him to view marriage with caution. You see, he likes things just the way they are with you now. Yes, he intends to spend more time with you once he retires, even though that’s a while away. Is marriage a potential for the two of you? Yes, but that’s even further down the road. He has some things to clean up first in his own life before he can be ready for that. I’m afraid more patience and time will be needed on your part, but keep enjoying the delightful rewards along the way.

Wishing you every good thing.


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5 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Patience and Time

  1. Terri

    Hi I have meant this guy on line two years ago,he says he’s in the army,that how long we have been talking,no meeting ,no phone calls just texing,and he says he lives and wants to be with me,is this a scam on my part?

  2. Kathy

    Good day Kallista,
    Right now i do not really know what my life path would bring me in the future, i am worried and i always kept on thinking. Can you tell me what would ve my future? I am also seeking for someone who will love me truthfully, will there someone who is brave enough to love someone like me? Or it is me who will still approach a random guy that i like to date me, is there anybody secretly loving me and wants to marry me? Thanks for the answer, i am hoping for it.


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