Make the Most of Your Reading With a Psychic Medium

Connecting to the Other Side

Have you ever read with a psychic Medium like me? I have the ability to connect you to your deceased loved ones, whether they be human or pets! It’s an amazing skill to witness, and if you’re curious about reading with a Medium, I have five tips to share with you that will make your reading even better.

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1. Open Your Heart
If your heart isn’t into the reading, we’re going to have a hard time connecting. So, relax your thoughts and feelings and let yourself enter into a more fluid state. It’s like the old commercial: “Calgon, take me away!”

2. Your State of Mind Makes a Difference
Your state of mind when reading with a psychic Medium certainly makes a difference. You need to let go of your own thoughts and feelings and open yourself up to the “universal mind.” This is the realm where Heaven and Earth meet.

3. Listen Carefully
When you read with a psychic Medium, everything they say to you is important, so write it down! Mediumship is all about listening—I listen to your loved ones who have crossed over, and you listen to what they want me to share with you. However, you may not fully understand what you’re being told and some of it may totally confuse you. That’s okay, and that’s precisely why you need to write it down! Later on, when your headspace is more open, you might say to yourself, “Oh, that’s what Uncle Henry meant!” Things often make a lot more sense in hindsight.

4. You’ll Connect With More Than One Person
The person you want to connect with will come through, but another spirit might come through first. This is important. I have never had a one-on-one reading (live group readings might vary) where the person that the client wanted didn’t come through. But sometimes it’s Aunt Betty that opens the door for your beloved father, so you have to let all the other spirits come through who want to. If you’re thinking only about your father, then no matter how accurate the other information is, it won’t get through to you. Closed minds close the ears and then no one gets to speak. Open your mind to hear!

5. Prepare for the Unexpected
In the space of Mediumship, unbelievable facts can be discovered. Would you find it surprising if your piano teacher from elementary school says, “Hello!” from the other side? There is bound to be a good reason. Spirit likes to break down the walls that keep you from happiness, and sometimes they have to blow your mind to break you through.

As a psychic Medium, I know who in your life has passed away and many details about them—not just sentiments but names, dates of birth, occupations, funny family stories, etc. This is the case, whether they are your relatives or not. I can also tell you what’s happening in your life right now and what’s happened in your past.

All my information comes from the heart, so it’s nice to relax the mind and just listen. Everyone’s ears must be open. Medium readings can be super phenomenal and incredibly healing. Losing people we love is never easy, but realizing how connected their spirit is to you can change your whole perspective on life and death. I’m very light-hearted and happy to be your spiritual connection, so I use mediumship to heal people and let them know that they are never alone. There is so much more than meets the eye and you can discover this for yourself when you read with a psychic Medium.

Love and gratitude,


Death is not the end! You can connect to your deceased loved ones when you read with a deceased loved ones psychic. A deceased loved ones reading can get you the closure you need, or keep you connected to someone who has crossed over.

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    i have always beleved in the outher side dad pass when i was young had to help my famely when i was growing up i have a old glass spound cristel ball tat was given to me but it makes me fill weird when i get near it i keep in a dark clouth in my shop

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    Thank you rika for acknowledging my question during the Live fb session. Appreciate it. Few things need a deeper insight. Could you plz guide me about which professional field would i get a permanent job in n where? And will i get married ? Love or arranged n will it be a happy ever after? many thnx


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