How to Use a Ouija Board

Madison from San Francisco, CA asks:

I am curious about the paranormal, so I want to use a Ouija Board to try connecting with spirits from the other side. Before I continue using it, I want to understand the background of this tool. What are the dangers of the board?

Marin responds:

Although many have attempted to use talking boards to communicate with spirits, it is a tool rarely used by mediums or spiritualists, as most make direct contact with spirits without the use of a Ouija Board. However, with proper precautions it is an excellent tool for someone trying to further their psychic skills and who requires the assistance of a tool in the beginning phase of their development.

In the mid 1800s, talking boards came into existence as a parlor game. Similar concepts have been in existence since 600 BCE, but look nothing like the Ouija we recognize today. The oldest known device was a Chinese system used for divination. In early Greece, there was a portable divination instrument that was affixed on wheels. In the 19th century, such devices begin to include the use of a pencil and a board in an attempt to induce automatic writing.

There are several types of “talking boards,” and “Ouija” is the most known name and trademark, developed by inventor William Fuld, who sold his patent in 1966 to Parker Brothers. Ouija has become the name often generically given to any “talking board.” The Ouija name was created by taking the French (“Oui”) and German (“Ja”) words for “yes.” The board itself bears the images of the letters of the alphabet, numbers 1-0, the words “Yes,” “No,” and “Good Bye.” Also included with the “game” is a heart-shaped plastic planchette, which serves as the moveable pointer. Participants place their fingers on the planchette, which then moves about the board, under the direction of “supernatural forces,” to spell out messages and answers by pointing to different letters or to “yes” or “no.”

A lot of mystery surrounds the board, but as you can imagine, some is true, and some is false. Among the rumors are that Satan and his minions can speak through the Ouija board, or that a person can become so addicted to guidance from the “spirit world” via the board that they allow the board to control their life. As with any occult or divination tool, one must take precautions when using the Ouija board to make contact with the other side, but it is not necessarily an evil tool. Just as you select your friends and who you choose to associate with on a daily basis, you can select your guides and who you choose to work with from the other side. It is also important how you choose to use the tool. As with anything in life, use it in moderation. It is no different than frequency and use of video games or television.

Perhaps the most noteworthy concern about the Ouija is that it is distributed in toy stores, thereby making it accessible to children and people not properly equipped to handle spirit communication. It can also unintentionally lead to invoking spirits for the purposes of possession or channeling, something only those experienced with the paranormal should be attempting to undertake.

When you choose to experiment with the Ouija board, the first necessary action is to create a wall of protection around you. In my previous Psychic Workout article, “Shield Yourself From Negativity,” I offer suggestions for visualizations and an introduction on how to create protection. Whether you use my technique or perform your own routine, psychic shielding and protection is a must before consulting the Ouija or any form of spirit communication.

When you begin the session, feel free to call on a specific deceased loved one that you knew and whose advice you trust. If you don’t have a particular contact, you may want to open spirit communication by using the phrase that Spiritualists use prior to the beginning of a seance: “I ask for white light of protection against all evil and against all negativity. I ask for the highest and best spirits to come through, now!”

Other general suggestions include refraining from using the Ouija board while under the influence of any substance. Maintaining a clear channel will result in successful communication and will minimize contact with “negative” spirits wishing to horse around.

If at any time you feel uncomfortable with your communication, politely end the session and attempt contact with another spirit, at another time.

When you end a session, always do so with appreciation and gratitude.

You may choose to write notes on your sessions and begin to identify certain guides that communicate with you on a regular basis. This relationship often leads to frequent interaction, and soon you will not require the use of the Ouija to communicate. Your other senses and abilities will strengthen, as the goal is to receive guidance without depending upon a tool.

“Ouija… It’s only a game. Or is it?” –Parker Brothers


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