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Always searching for guidance and answers, I’ve had many psychic readings through the years. Loss led me to my first psychic reading. But love compelled me to try my first California Psychics phone reading. I wanted to learn lessons about relationship patterns.

My first call on the line was with Psychic Teva ext. 5141, who picked up on my relationship’s energy. I picked her because she had awesome testimonials, and I’ve always had a penchant for Scottish accents. She sorted out why I was experiencing so much miscommunication with my partner. His patterns were interfering with our longevity. “He’s venting his dysfunction through his behavior. You’re not the issue,” she said. I called thinking my issues were at the heart of our problems, but his finger pointing was his way of deflecting from and dealing with his issues.

Sometimes emotional clarity can make all the difference. Though I felt spiritually awake after my reading, I still had issues to deal with – like how to manage my partner’s constant finger pointing in a productive way. Though this is gray area to some, it’s probably a common issue in most relationship dynamics. Clarity can be the greatest gift a reading can offer. From that point you figure out what you need to fix, what’s real and what’s imagined, and that’s how you shape your destiny.

So how do you know if you’re getting the real deal when you call a psychic? How can you tell if there’s a true connection? How do you even research the one who’s right for you?

Here are three short steps to serve as a guide:

1. Testimonials and Bios

Think about the last time you were on eBay or Did you leave a testimonial about your transaction? It sort of works the same way for psychics. They serve as a great barometer for how trustworthy a psychic service, or individual psychic really is. A good psychic will have many fans, and they’re not afraid to express themselves. Look for psychics with many positive testimonials, specific details, and customers who say things like, “I’ll call again,” and “it came true, I am dating so and so in the timeline so and so predicted.”

A biography is helpful to determine a psychic’s reading style. If you prefer that they only use their gifts and no tools, or read your pet rather than talk about love, those details will be covered in their bio.

2. Less is More

Most psychics will only ask for a few pieces of information during the course of a reading. If they ask for more, perhaps they’re confirming or validating facts. But if your reader stalls for too long, you may not have a good connection or they might require more information. The best readings I’ve had were on this site. I am not just saying that! Most psychics I’ve read with have asked for little to no information. They require a name and birth date to get going!

The more chatty you are during a reading – about your past, history, relationships, exes, etc., – the more bloated the reading becomes. It can get out of hand because you’re steering the psychic in too many directions and not allowing them to pick up on you.

3. Imparting Their Process

Psychics will share their process with you up front if you’re unsure about how they work. For example, Psychic Jean ext. 5132 said she consults her Spirit Guide, Psychic Ariel ext. 9775will consult a Tarot deck. Some psychics might tell you a little bit about themselves, and what they “do” before you begin.

Still unsure? Try a short reading – like a mini-consultation. Schedule a quickie (at least 20 minutes) and make up your mind for yourself. Don’t just take my word for it. Sometimes 20 minutes is all you need to find your favorite psychic. It’s always fun to try different psychics, too. Happy reading!

What can a psychic reading see for you? Find out! Call 1.800.573.4830 or choose your psychic now.

4 thoughts on “Get Accurate Psychic Readings

  1. Accurate Psychic Reader

    Still at this time, I wondered from the number of blogs for getting the accurate psychic reading on the web, but I like your article than others. Your blog covers all the thoughts which are require for finding the best accurate psychic readings.

  2. moongal

    thank you Tansy for taking the time and replying back. i totally agree that my husband is a good hearted person and deserves a loving, faithful wife. But our culture doesnt permit divorce as easily. i have tried to separate many times even before i ever got involved with another man. But, our society and my family always thought it was not a good idea. i never wanted to break the sanctity of my marriage but the depression and need to be felt loved made my thinking muddy. God, how i wish i could undo all my mistakes and just be at peace with my life. Thanks again for ur reply…

  3. tansy

    Dear Moongal:

    I can see that you want to be a good wife and mother. But truthfully, by staying in your marriage the way it stands now is cheating your husband of a wife who loves and wants only him. He is a worthwhile person, I can tell, and deserves this. I am sure that he senses that you are not committed to the relationship. Surprisingly, too, your children do sense that things are not quite right. It has been my experience that as long as we live with divided hearts, there is always pain.

    Bless you,

    Ext. 5289

  4. moongal

    Hello all,
    I have been reading with CP psychics for over a year now. This is a great site with lots of information that totally makes sense to me. But I have to say that I can never make a clear decision based on the reading i get. I am not sure if its me or just something else. I was reading this article: Can I Forgive Myself? – Cleaning up after the mess you made

    and it made perfect sense to end this relationship i was having outside of my marriage. Its more of an emotional bond as it is long distance. I have mustered the courage many times to end this friendship. But, somehow there are so many signs that point to the fact that i have been with this man for many lifetimes and ours is a bond that is hard to break. Being brought up in a very cultural setting, i have tried all ways to make a weak marriage work for 20 long years. And, in the past few years i have met a couple men that seem to be my soul mates, got involved emotionally, repented, feelt guilty of wrong-doing and stopped that relation. The last one though seems to be too strong for me to break.
    I had a great reading with Jesse yesterday and she confirmed that my bond with him is a strong one and we are truly in love with each other. We have been together for many births. Most of the psychics have also told me the same thing. That we are meant to be with each other and eventually things will work out. The issue is I can’t live with the guilt of having this affair till then and neither can i pull away. My reading with Jesse was a short one, so by the time she started telling me waht to do, i was out of balance. I wished so hard i could afford to get an extension so she could tell me what i really needed to hear. I am totally crazy about this man and he is too. But he is better and controlling his emotions and being practical enough to continue his life with his wife and be there for me. I cannot do that. i feel i am cheating my husband and dont want to hurt him. I know its best for our children if i can forgive myself for cheating and just stay in my marriage. But, something in me keeps telling me – i am meant to be with this other man.
    What should i do in this situation? I want to so badly make my marriage work and not hurt my husband, even though i am not in love with him. I feel i am obligated to be his partner. Please shed some light.


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