3 Reasons Why You Suffer From Unrequited Love

3 Reason Why You Suffer From Unrequited Love

Unrequited Love is One-Sided Love

Unrequited love is the experience of loving someone who doesn’t love you in return. Maybe the person you love is out of your league and doesn’t even know you exist. Perhaps the person you love is a friend you’ve had for years or a coworker you’ve been crushing on. No matter who the object of your affection is if you can’t have them you have to release yourself from this fruitless attraction. Here are three reasons why you may be suffering from unrequited love and what you can do about it.

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1.You’re Not in Their League
In a perfect world, leagues wouldn’t exist, but this world isn’t perfect, there are leagues, and you’re probably experiencing unrequited love because the object of your affection is out of your league. Yes, if you’re lusting after that modelesque guy or gal with the perfect body and you don’t have the looks or the body to match, you’re wasting your time. If you dream of sharing space with that woman who has five advanced degrees even though you don’t have a single degree with your name on it, keep dreaming. Of course, there are exceptions to every rule but long-term relationships thrive on commonality. If you want a partner with a serious case of wanderlust, you have to have it too or they’ll leave you behind.

Here’s where self-awareness and self-confidence come in. Know who you are and know your limitations. Are you attracted to them because they’re everything you’re not? Will being with them elevate your status among your friends, family, and peers? Is being with them your definition of success? Can you answer these questions honestly?

2. You Misinterpret Their Feelings
Unrequited love leads to confusion and misunderstanding. For example, they may tell you they love you. Deep down, you know they love you as a friend, but you may choose to interpret their declaration to mean they want to be more than friends. You’re confusing yourself and purposefully misunderstanding them, even if it’s on a subconscious level.

Another option could be that you’re misinterpreting their feelings because they aren’t sure how they feel about you. Perhaps they constantly blur the lines between friendship and romance and you just want to know where you stand.

Don’t pretend to be unsure of their true feelings for you and don’t stick around hoping they’ll “come to their senses” and realize they have always loved you too. And if they truly aren’t sure how they feel about you, don’t ride that roller coaster! Have the confidence to pursue someone who knows what they want and who they want when it comes to love.

3. You Have Unrealistic Expectations
Do you know where to find your perfect person? Look no further than your imagination because you have unrealistic expectations! There’s no such thing as the perfect person but there is such a thing as the perfect person for you. The perfect person for you will be flawed because you are flawed. And the best thing about finding the right person is that there’s no unrequited love. So, let go of the idea that love has to be a certain way.

Abandon the idea that your partner has to be someone who causes others to envy or respect you. And stop pining away for someone who has no romantic interest in you. Say no to unrequited love and move on.

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    Good Afternoon California Psychics;

    I just want to say thank you to all that has extended themselves to me the past one year and ten months now. It has been a tough and painful journey back to my mental health of healing. The emotions that I had to go through were raw and confusing, but had to get out. My next journey in continue to heal is reflection to develop understanding. I still hurt every day, but now I actually know and can feel what was wrong. I hope Psychic Harmony is great. She helped me a lot and Persophone gave good advice that I actually followed up on. The truth of going to someone she told me to was an initial healing factor to my life case. Kim was very honest and direct and kind with me. I appreciate that so very much. I am also a caregiver, but I care patients in a more physical care as a nursing assistant and beautician.
    This end of 2018 and going into 2019 will be about Sara being alive and bold and anyone I could help and teach how to be and conquer their fears and be brave even when you do not feel like you are. Sara needs to love and be loved for the woman and lovely human being that I am. Here is to the end of the year 2018.


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