How to Start a New Career Later in Life

How To Start A New Career Later in Life | California Psychics

Your True Calling

You probably spend most of your waking hours working, be it in an office, workshop, classroom, or at home. Because so much time goes into your career, you want to love your profession, or at least like it enough that it positively impacts the rest of your life.

However, you may not find your true calling until after you’ve already given years (or decades) to another career track. If you’re looking to switch gears later in life, here’s a six-step approach to starting a new career.

  1. Do Your Research: You may dream of becoming a chef or owning a clothing store, but you may not know what those professions entail. Therefore you should research what responsibilities make up the day-to-day of your new career, any training or certifications you will need, how viable the job is where you live or if it would be better to relocate, and how much money you can expect to make. This way, you can be sure you actually want to start a new career. When it comes to your job—more specifically your livelihood—you should definitely look before you leap.
  2. Save Up: If your new career involves starting your own business or owning a storefront, you’ll want to adjust your spending so you can tuck away the money you will need for start-up costs and any gap in wages you’ll experience when you make your shift. Since you may need to start at the bottom and work your way up all over again, your salary could take a huge cut. To make this change less stressful, build up a healthy savings account. Even if it takes a year of saving before you start your new career, it will be worth the time you spent preparing financially.
  3. Get to Class: You may not need to go back to school or get a certification in order to change careers, but you might want to buy a book or take a class that will get you on track anyway. If you want to be an entrepreneur, a business course could be very beneficial for you. Taking this step will not only give you the education you need to thrive in your new career, it will also help you become more confident in your skill set when making this change.
  4. Gain Experience: One way you can learn about your dream job is by picking up night or weekend shifts at a local place. Don’t expect to make a lot of extra cash at first, as volunteering may be the only opportunities currently available, but the experience will be invaluable so don’t be discouraged. Not only will it help to bulk up your new resume, it will help confirm that you truly want to make this move.
  5. Make the Move: Once you feel ready, it’s time to officially move into your new career. Remember that any kind of change comes with it’s own challenges and growing pains, but the payoff is well worth it—particularly if your new profession fulfills a dream or makes you happier.
  6. Be Patient: It can be tough being the new kid on the block when you’re no longer a kid. You might end up with a new boss who’s years younger than you, or find that people underestimate your abilities since you’ve recently changed careers. However, you should take it all in stride. Be humble and courteous to those around you and let the quality of your work speak for itself.

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