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This Tarot deck gently guides us through the week ahead, where the after-effects of a turbulent Full Moon in Scorpio on the 18th  opposed the Sun in the late degrees of the astrological sign Taurus. Spiritually and emotionally grounded by the comforting universal concepts of the Animal Tarot we can sail through this period of time with serenity and happiness, even though it involves some of the most difficult degrees of the zodiac.

We are reading this week from the beautiful Tarot deck conceived and designed by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine. Like all their decks, the Animal Tarot is respectful, loving, and positive and celebrates all spiritual pathways. The authors state that “each animal species teaches us and helps us with a particular lesson.” They have selected a variety of species with “characteristics that align with the symbolism of Tarot.” The four suits of the traditional Tarot are expressed as seasons in this deck as follows: Pentacles are Autumn, Wands are Spring, Swords are Winter, and Cups are Summer. Every card is gentle, safe and encouraging, even when dealing with the most difficult issues.

This deck brings out the truth that animals are a distinct version of the Angelic realm given to us in the here and now so that we can experience unconditional love.


Day: Queen of Autumn

The Belgian Hare is a nurturing voice that is practical and creative. This energy is effective with all situations and people. She springs from a deep and balanced place that nurtures others freely without giving too much or being co-dependent. It is a day to enjoy and share the bounty of spring with all those close to you. She is associated with humility and with the ability to focus on the true value of others. This is a day to see the elegance in others and communicate that vision, a day to mother the world, just as yesterday signified a day to mother our own tribe.

Evening: Three of Summer

Someone close to you shared a reason to celebrate tonight. Savor the moment, envisioning their joy. The Hummingbird represented on this card teaches us to play and enjoy. Let’s frolic with our families or with our “families of choice.”Hummingbirds fly great distances seeking out the nectar of joy. They are also protective of their gardens and will defend their investments of time and commitment, always nurturing and seeking out more happiness.


Day: Pelican

Our resources multiply when we employ teamwork and cooperation. Pelicans are highly social birds. They work cooperatively to take care of their flock. Entering a partnership could prove very worthwhile. Ever mindful of the good of the group, Pelicans remind us today to surround ourselves with helpful and loyal associates for the benefit of all.

Evening: Nine of Winter

The Sea Lion tells us we need to stop wasting time in worry. We may toss and turn with unnecessary guilt and resentment but tonight realize a way to break free by trusting our hearts. Too much intellectualizing brings an imbalance of fear. Not the healthy caution that is protective but the kind that just makes us worn out. Sea Lions symbolize the water of emotion balanced with the reality of earth. They dwell on both water and land to accomplish this and we can do the same.


Day: The Sun

Our health and vitality will glow today. This can also bring positive recognition for an accomplishment. The Bluebird, symbolizing happiness, reminds us to celebrate and perch in the sunlight. Dreams can, indeed, become reality. Even if your sphere is small and intimate it is a day to garner recognition.

Evening: Strength

Real strength is always gentle and compassionate. It always seeks to protect the more vulnerable. Compassion and grace are within us. We can apply this compassionate strength to our current dilemma. Meditate tonight on the spiritual solution to a human problem that bothers you now.


Day: Three of Winter

The Rose-Breasted Grosbeak, with its beautiful heart shaped chest symbolizes the spiritually evolved condition of possessing an open heart. This of course, will sometimes encompass sadness. When we let ourselves feel all of our emotions we emerge stronger than before and become healthier too. Remember to comfort others and accept comfort. We need to forgive ourselves and others in order to keep our hearts open and strong today.

Evening: Release

Birth- Death- Rebirth, the endless cycle goes on eternally. Growth and rejuvenation are always beyond the wall if we only realize it. The Peacock symbolizes to us to let go and let the universe bring forth our highest good. Angelic beings are leading us toward a new life. A conspiracy of support is working on our behalf. The wall has a window and light is glimmering through. Let go.


Day: Ego

Too much focus on material achievement could lead us into a trap. The butterfly in the image on this card reminds us that life is eternal and we have plenty of time. Possessions don’t always increase pleasure, but they can set us on a treadmill of debt and over-work. It is great to have and enjoy a few things that we really love. Eliminating the inessentials will declutter our lives, and our joy will actually increase.

Evening: The Hermit

Being a point of light for others will also light our own pathway. Contemplation is necessary. We communicate spiritually in silence with those on our own vibrational level without saying or writing a word. Silence also connects us with the Divine. Greater Power has a message for us all and it is individual. The essence of the message is Love.


Day: Two of Summer

The Lovebird card indicates we’re falling more deeply in love. This could be in a new or in an existing relationship. Don’t give up on a floundering love. The cycles are changing for the better here. The Lovebirds are shown not staring at each other but looking together in the same direction. They appear mesmerized in a pleasant way and the blooming lilac surrounding their branch shows that summer is near. Enjoy existing surroundings and events because all is changing eternally. The present is the point of power for visualizing the future.  If we get busy doing so, we will be there before we know it.

Evening:  Seven of Summer

This card features Maine Coon cats who are sweet, adorable, and have very big ears and paws. Which of our guides do we need to hear to help us make a decision? Do we need to do leg work to get some additional information before we can decide? Should we be listening to our hearts and not as much to our heads? These cats say, maybe so.


Day: Ten of Spring

The St. Bernard Dog is taking on too much and is always on a rescue mission that feels like “life and death.” The card tells us to carve out time for play to ward off the health effects of overwork. St. Bernards were bred in the 1600’s to rescue people lost in the Alps. They are gifted with a magnificent sense of smell. Now they can be seen playing with guests in the visitor’s museum, beautifully acting out the spirit of the Ten of Spring!

Evening: Seven of Autumn

Our cycle ends at the Full Moon tonight. Planning, resources, and effort that we’ve invested will pay off if we can be patient. The Cow represents investments of love and energy that will grow over time with patience and persistence. Don’t worry about slow progress because much is happening behind the scenes as universal timing plays itself out perfectly. Remain grounded and abundance will flow at the right time. Our evolutionary lesson is patience and the courage to rest.

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