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Seeking psychic guidance is a fantastic way to get clarity in deeply personal relationships and spiritual matters. But it’s also a unique and powerful opportunity to gain the wisdom that leads you to your highest career and financial potential. Have you ever read with a money psychic or a career advice psychic? If you read with Psychic Santino, you’ll get two readings in one! Psychic Santino explains how he uses his career and money guidance to help people find their true path and create a life they love.

1. Why do you offer career advice to your callers?
It’s always been natural for me to help others with their careers and give them money guidance. I’ve been career-oriented from an early age. Since I became an adult, I have built a successful real estate career and a corporate career in financial services and estate planning. Now, I’m in the season of my life where I choose to be “living on purpose.” This means I want to do the work that’s purposeful to me. I’m able to assist a wide spectrum of adults from the perspective of ambition, life purpose, talent, and natural gifts.

2. What’s the most common question you get about careers? How do you answer it?
The most common question I get is: “Will there be an opportunity for promotion or career advancement?” The advice I offer for this type of question certainly varies from person to person. Everyone and their current work situation is unique. There’s no blanket advice for all. Some people have done the spiritual development and physical work (i.e. research, refining their communication skills, executing tasks effectively, and so on). A lot of the time, I can see that a promotion or opportunity for a promotion is coming up. I can see whether it’s going to happen, whether it’s with their current company, or if they will need to consider looking elsewhere.

However, I can also see that some people have done absolutely nothing to align themselves with drawing in positive opportunities. My work then becomes about offering guidance so they take inspired action, do the research, and study to apply what skill sets and attributes are required for opportunities. I will guide them to tools they might need, levels of awareness, books, and also teachers who can help equip them for growth. I’m taking a growing number of regular clients through these steps and they are having great success.

3. What advice do you have for first-time job seekers?
The first piece of advice I give is to remember to take conscious, deep breaths and relax. Job-hunting can be nerve wracking, but I tell clients to treat it all like an adventure because it is. Some people will change career paths throughout their lives, to gain experience or try out other industries, and going through this process can help them refine what their purpose is, and what they are truly passionate about. This experience also adds variety to their lives, which can only be a positive thing.

I remind my first-time job seekers that not everyone knows what they want to do coming out of school, so try not to take life so seriously. They don’t have to forge success in one particular industry right away. It’s okay not to know. Life is a myriad of experiences and as long as my clients stay true to who they are, and do their absolute best to learn and grow from every work experience, it will always direct them to their next right step.

4. What advice do you have for people looking to switch careers?
Switching careers is like starting your first-ever job all over again. So, again, I remind callers to focus on conscious, deep breaths throughout the whole process and I remind them that they are guided by their own internal guidance system, otherwise known as intuition. If you are looking to switch careers, it’s because your intuition is telling you to do so.

Often people have come to the end of the road of whatever career they’re in, no longer passionate, no longer loving it, no longer feeling aligned with what they are doing. I advise them to thoroughly research the possibilities of the next potential career they are thinking about, and I recommend studying or taking a course to equip or enhance skill sets in their next chosen profession as well, whilst in the current job.

I also recommend meditating throughout this process so they can connect to their intuition and hear what it’s saying. Then I remind them that change is inevitable and change is good in most cases. There’s no use being afraid! There is always beauty and blessings on the other side after walking through the fear of change.

5. How do you help your callers deal with the day-to-day stresses of office life?
Alignment is everything and I educate my callers that being in alignment will best serve them in dealing with day-to-day work stresses. I give them the awareness and tools myself (or where to find them if we have limited time together) so they can start applying the tools that enhance their perception so they will become more solution-focused. This will help them remain balanced in the eye of adversity and during stress-related matters. It will also help them look for the good beyond challenges. There is a myriad of tools and awareness principals, and every client is unique, so it’s definitely tailored to the client and what’s happening in their environment.

6. Can you help a caller get a job?
Yes, I’ve helped callers get jobs many times. I have regulars who use me on a continuous basis to guide them through every step of the process in changing careers or getting a job. We might go through what to expect in interviews, do some role-playing, and get their energy aligned. I may help them visualize themselves successfully in the role to attract all sorts of opportunities and people along the way to their success.

7. What’s your best career reading success story?
I actually have a regular who owns an elite recruitment agency firm that recruits high-level executives for Fortune 500 companies. This client rings me on a regular basis with potential candidates he has that he wants to pitch, and I assist in narrowing down the candidates and the likelihood of success. So far, he has had a 95% success rate with placing his candidates in these great jobs with my help. That’s the feedback I’ve received from him.

I also have a regular who’s a student. I’m helping him through every step of his medical studies. I offer guidance to help keep him get aligned. I also provide tools that help him deal with stress and I show him how to visualize success. He also has two part-time jobs—not easy! We have managed to get him promotions in both jobs and have those positions work around his study schedule. He’s been passing every exam along the way since I’ve been working with him. So, I think that is such a sweet success story!

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  1. Rosie Me

    He sounds genuine and compassionate with his clients. Is excellent to hear he helps people with their career path, switching career paths is stressful. Heck looking for a job is stressful is good to know someone specializes in guiding someone with the right steps and tools.

  2. Magdalena

    I would appreciate any advice my job has become super stressful and I know to furthering my career I need to attend school again. I can’t seem to find the courage to finishing rolling in classes . I don’t know if it’s fear of Failing. I would appreciate any advice would you can give ?


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