Psychic Q&A: Will He Get Over It?

Will He Come Back?

We’d like to introduce you to a new series called, “Psychic Q&A.” We will be sharing questions from readers, just like you, who are looking for psychic advice. If you have a question you’d like answered, email it to

Dear Psychic Sloane,

He said that once he gets over something I did to him he will come back. The truth is we both said things that were hurtful, and I’m starting to get over the incident myself. I’m actually grateful for it because it helped me grow into someone better. We are slowly starting to talk again, and I believe that I can fully forgive and accept him. Can he fully forgive and accept me too? He’s currently dating someone else, but I want to know when he will come back so we can move forward together. Will it be this year, and if so, when? I know he loves me deeply and I love him deeply too.

Thanks for your time.


Psychic Sloane ex. 6570 responds:

Dear Tangi,

Thank you for your letter! In the reading I did for you this evening I saw love coming into your life in 2018. However, I do see this relationship with a different man than the one whom you are referring to in your letter. This man will be happier if you can let him go. There have been many karmic lessons between the two of you, but some things once spoken can be forgiven but not undone.

Although you may love him, I see him needing to move forward from the past rather than returning to it. I know this is painful when your heart wants connection, however, if you stay focused on sending love without expecting anything in return it may help you to heal your heart and move forward.

The new relationship will teach you lessons about communication. It will teach you not to speak to those you love when they have upset you. Remember to always be kind, but if you can’t because you are hurt or angry, wait until you can be honest about your feelings without attacking your mate. Love is our greatest teacher because our partners ignite and reflect the spiritual and emotional lessons our souls need in order to heal and evolve.

All my best,


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12 thoughts on “Psychic Q&A: Will He Get Over It?

  1. Cheryl

    Hi, I met the man of my dreams, and my sister made that disappear by telling my future mother inlaw things to her that she had no right or business to. For that reason we did not marry. We had the hall, the church, and all my girls had their dresses. I was devastated. Almost two years ago my to be husband friended me on Facebook. I got all the Karma thrown at me. Then we just started talking about our lives. I would love to have things turn around with us starting a brand new relationship. I’ve been married 18yrs in October. I’m currently separated. What advice could you given me to possible get the ball rolling again. He’s in a relationship for 17years, and is not happy. Please advise.
    Thank you in advance for looking into this for me. Please help if you can. Cmefmc!

  2. Miranda

    My father passed away. A few other family and friends shortly after. It was overwhelming . Husband and I seperated under the stress& grieving differently. We divorce that year. Children heart broken. My self discovery had only begun to notice what I was truly capable of when letting it all go.
    Somewhere along the way- even after divorce- the children needed us back together BC of emotional difficulties. And I myself crumbled under some stressful and Lonely difficulties… and took him back.

    Currently…. not sure where we stand. It’s rite back to the begining again of the same old issues. I need help knowing for sure of this man is still worth my time and efforts… or as much as it kills me and the children to cope with the let down of it all…. can we afford and will we be strong enough to finally break free from him? Will he stop hurrassing me and making my life a living hell this time and how. ? The reasons I came back to him was BC I caved in and was tired of him blocking me ,standing in my way of success . Purposely. I fear him always capable of sabatoging my life when. I’m with him he effects me and blocks me greatly of my loving powerful energy I need to use for helping this world as a lightworker…. when I’m not with him- he targets me and causes strife and mayhem for me everywhere I go and everything I do he sabatoges my success at any step I attempt to take forward …. how can I get through this and what can I expect from here out? Will I be protected this time if I make him go away… financially emotionally structurally. My home my children’s health and our wellness….. our security has been damaged long enough from this ….. how and when am I suppose to expect this block to be out of my life for the better of all of us and why does he never get caught for the hurrassment he clearly challenges me with… he won’t let me go! And I always did my best and did respect and love him. I’m the broken hearted one who was let down as he plays off as the victim here…. or perhaps I am overdramatic and or crazy as he puts in our heads

  3. Catherine Prince

    My relationship is broken with my lover we separated a month ago we are talking a little but not a lot he said he was coming to see me but he seeing another woman do u see us being happy again with each other

  4. Kayla weathers

    My bf left me 18 months ago since then he has been in 3different relationships we were together 3 1/2 years he left for no reason never even told me we broke up I found out on FB the next day when he posted a picture of him and the girl I hear he is unhappy and miserable what do you see for me in the future

  5. Kayla weathers

    My bf left me 18 months ago since then he has been in 3different relationships we were together 3 1/2 years he left for no reason never even told me we broke up I found out on FB the next day when he posted a picture of him and the girl I hear he is unhappy and miserable

  6. Yvonne

    Will my baby father come back and make things right or should i just let go i cant stop thinking about what if we had a whole future plan than he got disrespectful after i had our son

  7. Valerie Peterman

    Since 2001, strange,things that I can never prove.Tjings disappeared,reaapeared, witnessed by last boss. Mail is opened, still wet on a reseal lol. So not my imagination ha. But all this time, had to be money, alot!! I had a Godfather that told me he was leaving me alot!! So, can’t track him, and feeling like my family got a double, and took the money, or taking. Please give me my sanity, not paranoid, just scientific. Had attorney,told me to see him next day refused, and more like that!!!


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