Dream Date by Sign (Part 1)

Are you pondering how to get the attention of a hottie who caught your eye? Then do your homework and find out what sign your love interest is before asking them out. Now arm yourself with insight into that sign’s perfect date! The stars, can give you a lot of insight about a person’s likes and dislikes because, after all, what works for a sultry Scorpio might scare the begeezes out of a home-loving Cancer. Here are some astrologically correct ways to avoid dating disasters and ensure your encounter is a sizzling success.

Aries: Rams Like it Hot
Rams are impetuous and fiery creatures. They thrive on excitement. If you’re planning a date, consider an activity that involves a little bit of adventure. Break a sweat on a difficult hiking trail, then grab some Ethiopian fare where you get to eat with your hands. By the way, don’t worry about being a little sweaty, your Aries won’t mind. Oh, and don’t forget to play hard to get since most Aries prefer to be the cat rather than the mouse. These types can also come on strong so don’t be surprised if they swoop in for a kiss before the date concludes. Yeooowza!

Taurus: Lover of the Finer Things in Life
Ruled by Venus, your Taurus will appreciate the finer tastes of life. Bring them flowers and make the bouquet consist of Gerber daisies or Sunflowers rather than cheap carnations or boring roses. For dinner, take them to a fine dining establishment replete with tablecloths, soft (hip) music and romantic lighting. Taurus loves soft, sexy fabrics that feel good against the skin, so leave your favorite jeans in the closet and reach for a silky skirt or shirt instead. Once you’re alone, don’t be afraid to let your intentions known in a tender, firm manner.

Gemini: Social Butterfly
Your Gemini date is verbal, quick-witted and impulsive. They expect you to be the same. The twins don’t do boring. Escort them to an underground book reading, energetic concert or poetry slam session. Then walk the streets until you spontaneously find a quaint little bar where you can sip mojitos and engage in mental banter. Always stay on your toes and ask a lot of questions. If you want to really romp later, you’ll have to make stimulating mental love first.

Cancer: Domestic Bliss
To impress your Cancer and lure them come out of their shell, you must show a nurturing, attentive nature. Bust out a cookbook and invite them over for a candlelit meal. Too much stimulation in a public place can backfire with a sensitive crab. Make sure your place feels cozy and warm. The more you fuss over them, the more they will trust your intentions. Ask: “Are you okay?” or “Is there anything you need?” a lot. Consider yourself warned, Cancers go with their own flow. Meaning, these water signs are moody. So make sure you pay attention to the feelings behind their words and don’t come on too strong.

Leo: King of the Jungle
You’re dealing with the King of the Jungle here. Meaning, your Leo date needs to be wined and dined and taken out in high style. Factor in a little bit of drama for good measure – invite them to a loud concert or theatrical production followed by the hippest new late-night eatery. Be sure to discuss culture, politics and the most recent worldly events. While you’re at it, don’t forget to pet their mane (read: ego) by dousing them with compliments and making sure they get to speak most of the time. Play with their hair and whisper into their ear to make them purr with pleasure now, and roar for you later.

Virgo: Willing and Wise
If you’re planning a date with a Virgo make sure you appear fresh and polished! Shower, use Q-tips and iron your shirt or dress. These perfectionists won’t tolerate slovenliness. These virgins (who aren’t really virgins) are also conscientious about their health, so take them to your gym for a tag-team workout and then to a healthy Vegan restaurant. Over a desert of soy ice cream and goji berries ask if they’d be willing to organize your office or help you draft an important email. That will really get their attention since this service-oriented sign is often attracted to people who need their help. But don’t be fooled, they can be sexy beasts in the bedroom.

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