Career Destiny

Our psychics tell us that more and more callers have questions about making a fresh start or pursuing other paths of employment. They feel stuck in a job or many, explains Phillip ext. 9485, don’t even have an idea of what kind of employment would make them happy. “It’s a tragedy to spend the bulk of your time on a job that isn’t you,” says the psychic and life coach, who claims he knows from experience that it’s a joy to be able to do what you love.

Lydia (not her real name), a 53-year-old caller, was a workaholic who had hit the glass (and financial) ceiling at the banking institution where she had been employed for more than 20 years. She called because she had been told by management during her recent review that, even though her work was excellent, there were no further opportunities at her company to move up. Frightened to even consider a move, yet thinking she couldn’t do the same job until retirement, she asked Phillip to look into her dilemma.

“Lydia looked at her situation as being purely negative where I, on the other hand, saw this as her chance to move into a position as a corporate leader rather than the mid-level marketing job, she now had,” explains Phillip. Lydia, admitted that she did feel destined for bigger things, that she had been doing some job searches online, and that Phillip’s vision had answered her question.

Weeks later, Phillip got another call from Lydia. She had set up three job interviews, but was wondering if she should bother going. “If I interview, will I even be offered one of these jobs?” she asked the psychic meekly.

You really need to work on your sense of accomplishment,” Phillip distinctly recalls pointing out to Lydia. “Your resume is great, but to be honest, your attitude will not get you very far. We all do things in our own time, but I see that you have amazing Capricorn business and leadership qualities in you chart, and they’ve always been there.”

“I sensed that she was looking for a sense of safety and continuity in a new job, so I looked at each of the three jobs with that in mind. I put down four or five spreads of Titania’s Fortune Cards and along with her birth date, time and place, I was able to see that she would be offered two of the three positions.”

On her next call, Lydia was crazed. She said it had helped her to know that she would be offered at least one of the jobs as she went through the interviewing process. Now two weeks had passed and she didn’t have an offer, let alone any communication from two of the companies.

“They need more time. One company is discussing your salary needs and may not be able to meet them. The other, is dealing with internal difficulties, which is one of the reasons they are interested in you. I see you taking this job because the salary is right.

But the first few months will be full of turmoil. Stay strong, because you’ll have to hit the ground running. You have the ability to do well and you will eventually be rewarded with more status and a bigger paycheck,” he predicted.

Phillip didn’t expect to hear from Lydia again, but a few weeks later, she called with tales from her new job. “I don’t think the supervisor who is supposed to train me, likes me,” she told the psychic. “I think she’s also taking credit for some of my work, and I feel like everyone in the department is shoving their work onto me. I feel like everyone’s ganging up on me,” she blurted.

Phillip saw all of this as amusing, as he felt like he could feel the universe pushing her into her destiny as a leader. Lydia told him that she had already had meetings with the board of directors and was scheduled for a brainstorming session with the marketing president. “I saw that she was being challenged to get up to the plate and lead,” tells Phillip.

“Once again, I see you turning positives into negatives,” Phillip warned. “The company is about to make changes. Your supervisor fears for her job. The higher-ups are looking to you for leadership. Open your eyes! The universe is pulling you kicking and screaming into a situation where you can prove yourself quickly.”

Lydia called this week, Phillip says with a twinkle in his voice. She managed to get through the stress of the last few months, and she’s beginning to see that she was hired to do damage control.

“This job has been the break I’ve been looking for,” Lydia explained. The marketing president set up a meeting for us to talk about the reorganization of the department next month, and I wondered what you see happening.”

“You’ll have a new business card with the words Vice President on it,” Phillip replied.

“Wow! I’ve been getting that impression,” Lydia exclaimed.

“Well, so do I,” acknowledged Phillip, who finally saw that his client had opened herself up to her true destiny.

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