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How Each Zodiac Sign Recharges Their Batteries

How Each Zodiac Sign Recharges Their Batteries | California Psychics

Where the Zodiac Rest

Everyone who works hard needs to unwind. Days of slogging through everything from traffic to long work hours, to running endless errands can wear down both body and soul. If you start thinking that the only way you might get any rest would be to crawl into a casket, take heart. Here are some delightful ways for you to breathe new life into your spirit and revive, refresh, and renew your energy so you can get back out there and live your life with restored joy. Read both your sun and rising signs to see how each zodiac sign recharges their batteries.


The beach and the sea calms and rejuvenates the Ram, and so does yoga. They renew their energy through easy physical exercise, including trotting along on the golden sand with the salty waves gently lapping at their feet. They would delight in jumping on a sailboat for a little sunny pleasure cruise that is sure to breathe new life into their bounce.


The Bull is ruled by Venus and they do love to lay in a luxurious bed for hours upon hours, nom-nom-nomming on their favorite tasty treats, which are often chocolate-based. These powerhouses need to fully switch off in order to totally recharge their batteries and amp up for the demanding work they need to do.


With their mental energies always racing along at warp speed, the Twins tend to unwind and recharge best by spending a little me-time (us-time? Because, Twins.) curled up with something good to drink, like hot chocolate, and reading their favorite book. They also feel refreshed by chatting for hours with a friend, especially one who makes them laugh.


The Crab loves to share a sumptuous meal with family and friends, while everyone discusses the long day they toiled through. Jumping in the hot tub with them afterwards, and enjoy the soothing, refreshing, warm water as it caresses them all over and helps every taut muscle relax and every worry pop like a bubble is absolute heaven.


Big Cats love their catnaps. They adore stretching out luxuriously, preferably in the sunlight, on big, soft pillows, and drinking something delicious in a goblet gilded with gold. Perhaps while eating a little caviar as well. The Lion needs to relax after a long day of hunting for their daily dollars and loves to be pampered with all the best things, for they always give their best.


The Virgin reenergizes by doing, for they are multi-taskers and enjoys feeling they’re accomplishing something, as they find this relaxing. Writing in a journal, capturing their thoughts, hopes, and dreams on the page does a great deal to help them regenerate their incredible energy before they head back into work.


Ideally, Venusians would be very glad to sleep for three days straight because they need long breaks after working so hard. They instinctively know that all that effort needs equal balance of rest in order to reinvigorate themselves. Surrounding themselves with beauty, be it scenery, artwork, or anything (or anyone) they love brings them back to life.


Going into silence and meditating reenergizes the Scorpion. So does reading from the pile of books they have near their bed, playing computer games, catching up on TV shows and movies, and doing tarot readings for self-checkups. Best of all to them is passionate lovemaking, then lingering in bed with their lover afterward.


Literally happy campers, the Archer loves spending time in the great outdoors, and feel they need to be there as often as possible, for it restores their spirit. Blissfully wandering among the trees with a friend or lover under a big blue sky with the sun shining while listening to nature’s heartbeat helps rejuvenate the Centaur.


A favorite way for the Goat to reinvigorate is to check on all their accounts and activities that are bringing in money. Yes, making money comforts them. It also relaxes them to look for ways to spend their hard-earned dollars by going through catalogs from the ritziest stores, and busily searching out high-end items on every worthy online shopping site.


It’s no easy task to calm the electric energy that runs through the Water-Bearer like lightning and quiet their ever-active brilliant mind, but meditation proves helpful. After some peaceful time to think and daydream while letting their wonderful imagination take them anywhere they want to go, they’ll soon be fully recharged and shining bright.


After a day of tearing into work as feverishly as a piranha, the Fish finds comfort in a warm bubble bath, a gentle massage, then slipping into their coziest pajamas and fuzzy socks. Cuddling up with their lover to watch a TV show or movie are also favorite ways of the Fish to go back to being their sweetly sensitive and compassionate selves as they relax, rest, and refuel their tank.

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