Dreaming Way Le Normand: January 12 – 18

Dreaming Way Le Normand Tarot: January 12-18 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

I woke up yesterday with my husband pouring me a cup of coffee and looking a bit askance. Apparently I had been dreaming. I noticed on my bed table a deck of cards, The Dreaming Way Le Normand by Lynn Araujo and Kwon Shina.

But it didn’t seem like a dream. I knew where and when it all took place.

Here’s what happened: In the depths of winter stillness, I was walking through the Moulin Rouge, headed for Madame Le Normand’s secret door up the dark and creaking stairway.

The streets were deserted, it was so early in the morning, and when I rapped on the door, a large bat suddenly swooped down from where it had been perched in the rafters of the building. I screamed, and soon a dark-cloaked figure stood in the doorway.

The legendary Tarot queen beckoned me inside. I pulled my wrap closer around me. It looked as if her fire had just been lit and her room was still ice cold.

Madame le Normand gave me a slight smile, a level look in the eyes, then, shuffled, deep in thought.

As dawn rose, here’s what she told me.

January 12 – Sunday


“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than the ones you did.” Mark Twain

“The card is telling you today to begin planning for a trip this year.” She began in her deep, mysterious voice. “You might not go for months, but the open sails indicate a window of chance. Likely it will be a voyage over water. If an outer journey is impossible, plan an inner one.” She leaned in and said quietly, “A meditation weekend, retreat, seminar, workshop, or a planned itinerary in your neighborhood would fit the bill. Breaking out of your comfort zone will open up a whole new world.”

January 13 – Monday


Look before you leap, for snakes among sweet flowers do creep.” German Proverb

Uh-oh, okay, but let’s not get paranoid, I thought to myself. Just keep your eyes open and see the situation for what it really is. This card relates to the card directly following in a reading. Her candle began flickering strangely when she said what follows: “Walk the necessary tight rope between trust and suspicion by keeping inner balance and objectivity. The ultimate good of the Universe will keep your destiny unfolding as it should.”

January 14 – Tuesday


“Birds sing, not because they have answers but because they have songs.”

“Keep your mind open to signs and symbols coming from the Universe directly to you today. Remember that this could come through any medium. A person, e-mail, image, or thought will contain an important piece of the puzzle you are currently pondering. Not everything you see or hear will be useful. It could actually be misleading. Your “gut” will tell you which messages to believe. The true ones will make you feel quiet and solid inside.”

January 15 – Wednesday


“Go and wake up your luck.” Persian Proverb

“Unexpected good luck will come today! It will come in the form of an opportunity. Synchronicity, a fancy term for coincidence, will show you where it is. It will bring something good for body, mind, and spirit all at once, just like a three-leaf clover. All you need to do is be willing to see it, just like the clover growing in your own backyard.”

January 16 – Thursday


“The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it.” Moliere

“The mountain can represent physical obstacles, mental challenges, social, economic, gender, or racial challenges. You may find resistance from others or from within yourself. Willpower alone will not work here. Creativity and thinking out of the box will do just fine. The card is telling you that a new approach will bring the solution to whatever is blocking you.”

January 17 – Friday


Commitment is an act, not a word.” Jean-Paul Sartre

“A bond and deep commitment is growing. It could be to a person, a project, a location, or an idea. What is it in your life today?” She leaned forward and took a sip of a lovely, amber colored liquid. “The ring represents a promise, a contract, and an intention to carry through. A marriage proposal could be in the mix!”

January 18 – Saturday


“More than kisses, letters mingle souls.” John Donne

“An invitation, announcement, or a document is on its way to you. Pay close attention today to reports, contracts, certificates, and written records. It’s a good day to communicate love through cards, letters, and texts. The solution to a misunderstanding, or another communication SNAFU, is to clarify your intentions in writing.”

A Le Normand Spread to try: the New Year Spread

This is a good spread for the start of a year because it gives us a snapshot of all the themes for that year.

Shuffle the deck well and lay the cards flat, face down on the table. Focus on what you need to know about the year ahead, especially those months when you expect an important event to happen. But, don’t be shocked by surprises that are revealed.

Pull twelve cards randomly from the deck, saying aloud the month sequence of the year, i.e., January, February, March, etc. Arrange them left to right in sequence, making a chain of twelve cards.

Turn over the first, then the second, then the third, one by one, saying the month’s name as you do.

Meditate on the imagery of the card and note any impressions they make in partnership with your intuition. They will indicate what you most need to know about that given month you are concentrating on at that moment. Free associate and ask your angels and guides to clarify what comes up in your mind.

“That’s all, child.” She looked at me kindly.

Madame placed her cards in an oriental box covered with an ancient jewel pattern. I felt frozen to the chair but managed to reach for my coat and hat. I heard the lock click firmly in back of me as I descended the creaky stairway.

“OK, time to wake up and smell the coffee,” Hubby chuckled slightly and shut the door behind him.

Thanks for joining me today. See you again.

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