Your Weekly Career Horoscope for March 11 – 17, 2013

Ride the Wave of Creativity

You are in the midst of the vision and creativity that can make your career everything you dream of. Take care of your commitments while making the most of the inspiration you are feeling. You are feeling particularly confident as this is the week of the Crescent Moon, allowing you to nurture your career vision to fruition. Prepare for next week to set those dreams in motion and promote them.


Use March 12 to begin communicating your innovative approach to your career and your life. Your sun sign ruler Mars enters Aries on this day along with the Moon, showing a truly exciting time. These energies carry through Thursday morning.


Friends are generous to you in a big way this week. Monday is particularly positive for promoting your career through the Internet and groups along with personal friendships. It’s all about you on Thursday and Friday and your career will benefit nicely. You’ll be in sync at that time with what clients and co-workers want.


You’ll be dealing with drama and emotion at work at the beginning of the week. This may come from the jealousy of others, or the opposite of that—their total over-confidence. No worries. You’ll be dazzling on Tuesday and win in the end. While the workplace may have the sense of drudgery and slowing you down these days, you are building something truly solid for yourself.

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There is a lot of intensity and frustration in the workplace this week. You’ll have to rely on your wonderful sensitivity to others’ feelings, and you are feeling a bit frustrated yourself. If there are opportunities for work-related travel and studies, take them. By Friday you’ll be feeling relaxed with friends and other social outlets. Stay focused on your plans until then and a breakthrough will come soon.


Beginning Tuesday, your life will be very exciting. Keep yourself abreast of all the activity around you. You’ll also need to avoid the pitfalls of others’ confusion and their over-confident promises during this time. Your focus will be able to return to your own career goals on Friday once you’ve navigated through all of this.


The week finally brings you near the end of this period when much of your time is taken weeding through all of the confusion created by co-workers and partners. Take care with investments mid-week and know that others are just being resistant to harsh realities right now. This will improve by Friday and you can begin to make real progress.

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The week begins with lots of activities and inspiration in the workplace. Partners will be full of energy and surprises during the middle of the week. Their ideas are brilliant, but if they offend others, use your talents to provide some balance and smooth things over. Success will be yours.


The creative inspiration that you’ve been enjoying is even greater at the beginning of the week. Use that energy to really propel your efforts in your career. The workplace will be crazy mid-week, so use that energy to feed your efforts and keep your focus on what you have in the works. The weekend will be calmer and more relationship-oriented.


Your fiery career efforts beginning on Tuesday will be inspired and intense. As long as you take care to be protective of your finances, you might turn all of this energetic creativity into a personal windfall. Just take care to protect your intellectual property and you’ll be building something really solid.


Your home life could be more than chaotic this week and draw your energies away from your usually great career focus. You are relentless in your efforts to accomplish your goals in any case, so never fear that this is any kind of setback. You’ll see by Friday that you have career matters under control.


This week is all about your great ability to communicate in groups, on the Internet and regarding technical issues. You will be your usual edgy self while others are in a bit of a muddle. Just don’t let their muddle spill into your finances as there is the potential for real gains for you in this area.


You heal others with your poetry, songs or other creative works at the beginning of the week. Be prepared for financial surprises mid-week and make certain that you have some type of protection in this area. Friday brings happiness and beauty to your communications.

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