Your LOVECAST®: Be More Objective About Your Desires

Your Love Horoscope

The Moon in Leo is sure to fire up romantic encounters on New Year’s Eve. During the next four weeks, Mars in Aquarius can bring out your need for camaraderie in a relationship while helping you be more objective about your desires. The mid-week Mercury-Uranus square can prompt a change in plans or an unusual (weird?) conversation. This weekend, Moon in Libra on Saturday favors sharing your heart and mind with someone special, while the Mercury-Pluto conjunction on Sunday may prompt a revealing discussion. Best days for socializing: Monday, Wednesday, Friday (intense!) and Saturday. Happy New Year! Afraid sharing your heart will only lead to more heartache? Find the healing you need through a love reading with astrologer Psychic Bridget ext. 5249.

Aries Love Horoscope

The focus on friendships and group activities will certainly energize your social scene during the next four weeks. Romance can be found during a friendly gathering, community event or project that helps others. Being opinionated can upset love mid-week. Romance will be highly energized (challenging?) on Friday and delightfully sweet on Saturday.

Taurus Love Horoscope

Your career will be energized through the beginning of February, so look for romance through a colleague or work project. A public event may bring a romantic encounter as well. Wednesday is a good day for a sexy date or to meet someone new. This weekend, your charm draws admirers on Saturday, but emotions may be conflicted on Sunday.

Gemini Love Horoscope

Think exotic, adventurous or spiritual when seeking someone new or planning a date with your sweetie during the next few weeks. You may also meet a potential paramour from a different culture. Entertaining at home can fire up passion on Wednesday while an entertaining activity (party, concert, film) away from home may bring romance on Saturday!

Cancer Love Horoscope

Inventiveness in the boudoir will heat up passion during the next month! If you’re seeking someone new, try an unusual or friendly approach. Look for love while traveling or during a class on Wednesday. Hosting a party will energize you on Saturday. A deep discussion with your partner can be enlightening (shocking?) on Sunday.

Leo Love Horoscope

Mars in your partnership sector during the next four weeks can intensify both passion and conflicts with your sweetie. If you’re solo, you’ll likely meet someone who is sexy, athletic, aggressive or impetuous. Monday is a good time for a lively date! Expressing your feelings will inspire love on Friday or Saturday, but Sunday may feel heavy.

Virgo Love Horoscope

Look for love over the next few weeks during activities that help others, such as volunteering for a cause. You might also meet someone new through a healthy activity (gym flirtation?). Your powers of attraction will be especially hot on Wednesday while your sense of style gets you noticed on Friday and Saturday. Watch your words on Sunday.

Libra Love Horoscope

Mars energizing your romance sector through the beginning of February will likely inspire some steamy encounters. Look for love during parties or entertainment activities. Socializing can bring a romantic interlude on Monday, but an argument may unhinge love mid-week. You’ll be a magnet for admirers on Friday and Saturday, so get out and shine! Feel like you’re repelling more than you’re attracting? Find out why with a reading from Psychic Robin ext. 5492.

Scorpio Love Horoscope

The focus on your home life during the next few weeks may inspire you to create an enticing ambiance, throw a party and/or host a cozy tryst with your sweetie. Romance may come during a friendly gathering on Wednesday. A serene or artsy atmosphere can inspire romance on Friday or Saturday. Be mindful of criticism on Sunday.

Sagittarius Love Horoscope

Verbalizing your ideas and feelings is sure to draw attention during the next few weeks, so be mindful of what you say if you want to attract positive people. Look for romance while traveling or taking a class. Love may come from afar on Monday or during a group gathering on Friday or Saturday. Quiet time brings insights on Sunday.

Capricorn Love Horoscope

Money and/or values can play a role in your social life during the next four weeks, so seek out people who share your values and watch your spending. An intimate tryst can make love bloom on Monday. Taking the lead while socializing can bring a romantic encounter on Friday or Saturday. Strive to focus on the positive on Sunday.

Aquarius Love Horoscope

Mars in your sign through the start of February will energize your passion and allure. The need to take action on your desires will be strong, making you impatient. A rendezvous with your sweetie will deepen love on Monday while a cultural or educational event can bring romance on Friday or Saturday. Watch willfulness on Sunday.

Pisces Love Horoscope

A hidden need or desire may grab your attention during the next four weeks, so stay attuned to your inner life and deal with any unresolved emotional issues from the past. A fun date with your partner can bring delight on Wednesday while a more intimate interlude will fire up passion on Friday or during the weekend!

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