Your Weekly Career Forecast for December 31, 2012 – January 6, 2013

This Week in Work

The week is full of intense discussions about thriving as a business in a changing world. Celebrations of the new year will feature pageantry and heroes, and people will bring this mood to the workplace during the week. Take the role of the hero(ine) or offer that role to others to motivate them in the workplace. This weekend you’ll have great ideas about building a real, growing business to share your unique talents. Your unique talents could turn into a job you truly love with the help of Psychic Renata ext. 5320!


This week you continue to address fundamental career changes and transformation. The past few weeks, you’ve become more and more aware of changes that you need to make, and Aries doesn’t shy away from any such challenge. On Monday you can see and creatively express where you want to go in your career and start driving forward.


On Wednesday  you can express your great passion for your career and the major changes you want to have happen. Throughout the week your career networking and your community of coworkers have tons of energy. You can use that collective power to benefit yourself financially throughout the week.


You have a real drive for success and lots of enthusiasm to get things accomplished. Networking face-to-face and through the Internet will offer a direction for all of this energy. Your home life is distracting mid-week, but don’t worry. By Friday you’ll be so creative and motivated that you’ll make up lost time.


You’ll find helpful and pleasant female colleagues in your workplace, making this week fun. This past year your career has had its challenges with constant surprises and it hasn’t always felt like fun, so enjoy this week! You’ll be communicating beautifully from Tuesday through Thursday. Use your imagination and inspire clients and management.


You and your fun, creative ideas will steal the show at work on Monday. The workplace continues to have huge changes. Communications are clearer and more positive on Friday and Saturday. If you aren’t already investigating some high-tech career options, this week would be a good time to get started looking for some education in these areas.


January 1 through the 3rd will be good days for positive communications and creative efforts in writing. People will be surprised by your intensity when you share your feelings on Thursday. Connect with someone who is really motivated and knowledgeable in technology to benefit your career plans this week.


Your focus on Monday is more on friends and lovers than on your career. This is understandable since it is New Year’s Eve. Do your best to stay focused while you enjoy others and you’ll be fully engaged with your career by Friday. By then you’ll be in great form, making up for lost time and energy.


You’ll be career driven, at least for part of the day on Monday. Friends will be more of a focus on January 1 through the 3rd but you’ll probably still get a lot done online. Research projects could go quite well during the week. Just don’t become too annoyed with coworkers who aren’t grasping the depth of what you’re trying to accomplish.


There is no stopping fun and jovial you on Monday. You could be traveling on this day while you are busy entertaining everyone with your humor. You’ll be more focused on your career on January 1 through the 3rd than possibly you’d like, but this could bring good financial benefits. Use the Internet on Friday to enhance business.


The new year begins with a boost to your huge career change plans, possibly through travel or studies. This will particularly be the case on Wednesday so focus on moving ahead to transform what is needed in your business. Friends could be a bit demanding this week, but their ideas are solid, even inspiring, for your professional efforts.


Partners at work or at home could command your attention on New Year’s Eve day to the point that you may feel it’s distracting you from the tasks at hand. Be patient and the outcome of the day will be good for you. Female friends will be delightful during this week and will help you cope with heavy workload demands. Is there an end in sight to these crazy work demands? Psychic Karmystic ext. 9457 has the answer.


Partners at work will bring a much-needed practicality to your idealistic approach to work from Tuesday through Thursday. You have some rich, beautiful concepts right now that could serve you well. If you focus and work to complete your dreams by giving them physical form, you are set to fulfill your professional desires in the coming years.

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