Your New Year’s Forecast for 2013

Your January in the New Year

It’s a new year and a new start—a sort of tabula rasa, or clean slate. That means it’s time for your 2013 astrology forecast. All but one planet will be in forward motion and on the 30th Jupiter goes direct, making it unanimous. Capricorn energy reigns at the start of the year, including the New Moon on the 11th, giving all important matters some serious focus.


January looks like a wonderful month for you both professionally and personally. Early in the month, Venus and a New Moon in Capricorn help your career. Mid-month Mercury steps in to boost your social life.


On January 9, your ruler, Venus, joins Mercury in fellow Earth sign, Capricorn, followed by the New Moon in Capricorn on the 11th. You feel grounded—by month’s end you’ll be all about career.


Your ruler Mercury is activating your mind and your life. If you’ve wanted to be published now is the time to put that plan into action. Also good news comes to your joint finances and the money you share with another.

“Astrologers can identify the energy flows of two people, when they will match-up and when they won’t.” – Psychic Alison ext. 9885


Mark January 11 on your calendar when the New Moon in Capricorn (your opposite sign) joins four other planets in Capricorn—you have the drive and ambition to succeed and your year is off to a great start.


January has you hitting the work scene pretty hard almost as soon as you’ve put down the noisemakers and the party hats. You may decide to change jobs or a relationship status mid-month.


The first half of the month your ruler, Mercury, will be in Capricorn and your thoughts are focused on matters of the heart. When Mercury moves into Aquarius on the 19th, you’re also focusing on work. You have time for both.


Your ruler, Venus, starts the year in Sagittarius so travel may be in the picture or you could just be very social at home. After the 9th your focus will be on work at home and the people you love.

“If we take advantage of what astrology has to offer (new moons for beginnings, full moons for contemplation, rest, rumination, etc) we will, in essence, be taking advantage of the vibrant energies around us.” – Psychic Charrmayne ext. 5058


Your ruling planet, Pluto is still in Capricorn where it will be until 2024. That puts you in a position to be large and in charge. Meanwhile Saturn in your sign continues to build solid foundations. You make money even while spending time with family.


You start the year with money on your mind—how to make more and how to pay off bills. After the 19th, Mercury in Aquarius makes you more your usual, social self.


With Mercury in your sign until the 19th your hopes and wishes are communicated perfectly to others. When Mercury shifts into Aquarius you’ll be focusing on your financial future.


Mars in your sign sends his energy through you all month long. The New Moon on the 11th could bring a surprise offer or new work opportunity that sounds intriguing.


Enjoy the company of friends and family as the year begins. When Mercury changes signs on the 19th you’ll dream up some great ideas for the year ahead.

41 thoughts on “Your New Year’s Forecast for 2013

  1. zainon

    I wish new year begins with happiness and prosperity. New home on the way to be filled with happiness, love and blessing from Allah the allmighty. I know he will hear my wish.

  2. suzanne

    Hello and Happy New Year to all!
    I to would like to know what will happen for me in the new year!

    Thank You,Thank you,Thank you.

  3. William T Johnson

    I want to thank this staff for giving me hope for 2013 with my new girlfriend who’s “Birthday” is in January 10th, and my “Birthday” is October 4th……….. I’m still trying to find out if she is my soul mate, because i love her and when we are together we make very good…….love and have great sex.

  4. juliet

    Will i find a better job this year with more suitable hours paying more money then my present job, and will i meet up with someone nice this year?

  5. Natasha

    What will the new year bring for me? I’m very much in love with my bf, we’ve been together for 2 years today. He saved me from living on the streets. Sometimes I feel he’s using me to help him financially & other times I feel he loves me, but really, I’m totally confused! Part of me feels I should run from him & other parts of me feels like I should stay! Rather there’s still times that hell say or do silly, little, throwed off things & I’ll laugh! Then he’ll look at me with his pretty little smile,( the one that melts the heart?), or he’ll cup my face with his gentle & strong hands…… Final result…….I’ll get weaved into his little web, & there I go, wrapped around his little finger! I really want all of those things to be real & from his heart, but I’m fearful that sometimes they aren’t! It literally drives me mad! I start to lose my mind & I don’t know if anyone in my life can be trusted, & that breaks my heart because I want it so badly that I truly don’t know what to do to save us, or if I’m even suppose to try! I really need some guidance , I love him & I only want to have all of him! He saved me, now it’s my turn, ( if he wants to be saved that is….)! Plz help! I can’t lose either one of us! I love him! I wanna learn to love me!

  6. Sally Brooks

    Here is wishing that everyone have a blessed an happy new year.
    And please remember to smile a little more the world is sooo unhappy lets try and be more kind to one another.

  7. Charlotte

    This is just for Randy – Never give up. Especially with the SS benefits. There is no doubt (though no proof available) that there is a department within the SSA dedicated to refusing to give deserving people their benefits. I have heard that noone is ever approved the first time and that it seems to take most people who apply a minimum of 2 years to finally get approved. And to make things worse – there are lawyers whose whole practice is dedicated to getting Social Security disability awards – nice little payday at 33% of 2 to3 yrs of dickering for a clientele of thousands of people being turned down time after time. And please – don’t rely on this website for advice – really…. I firmly believe they’re here for entertainment purposes only!
    Good luck to you…..

  8. Nizamuddin Ameerally

    Thanks for the reading. Money is on my mind and it making me angry and hate my father. I will never give up. Thank God and Allah for music and movies, tennis and women.

  9. TONI


  10. charlotte

    Will I be a winner to some money in 2013 and i would like to know the man that I’m with is he my soulmate because at times I think he using me and sometime I think he really want to be with me

  11. Ana

    What does the New Year hold for me as far as marriage or long term relationship? Finances….house buying again? Kids…I have two? Grown ones….I graduate in March with my bachelors….thinking of going into teaching upper level working on a MA…..Happy New Year to all and blessings!

  12. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Happy New, Everybody !!!

    May 2013 bring you health, happiness and prosperity !!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500

  13. amber stone

    I’m really worried bout my relationship, I’ve been with him for 1 year & 5 months ..but he not completely committing to me & thts for reasons unknown to me, he has many female friends & I’m ok with jus a few, but he has many secrets & it scares me because we have decided to get our own place together……plz help me , is he worth my fight???

  14. eugenia burnette

    I am wounderin what my love life and family life is going to be like if I will get a good relationshio back with my kid’s? And will going back to school be good for me this year.

  15. Randy

    Dear Mantra my love life has been a emotional train wreak. I am 55 yrs. old and disabled. I have tried to get my SSI benefits started for almost 3 yrs. now. I am having to live with my mom and her already strained budget. I made good money in my life. People around me enjoyed more than I did. Everyone has that first love and mine I never got over. Sounds like her life might not have been much better. She had a accident about 4yrs. ago on a Harly she had just bought. Never made it home. She 2 was a very deadicated person. I had some exrays about ayr. after she died and they had a hand painted portrait of her there. In her memorial. I have done everything to get my SSI benefits and Three doctors my heart doctor, A pshcologist and neurologist and SS have turned me down twice this could cost me over half my retirement which would be very handsome. I was married twice. 1 child that will not even give me the time of day. The secound lasted up until about 16 mths ago. This left me with nothing. I have had readings even with your pychics and nothing happened. Everyone of these keep saying there is another out there. Now I don’t want anyone else to take what I would have. I did get your message I just wanted you to hear mine.

  16. anna coccia

    what will 2013 be for me in 2013 as far as finances
    are concened? will i get any money or will win any large sum at the casino? we are going to the casino
    tonight new years eve do you see me wining alarge amount of money? please tell me something good.


  17. muriel

    You’re all full of it. you’re all tellingme that my life is going fine and dandy when I fee like it’s falling apart. I don’t feel like I have a life to life to live for andbesides, I think someone put a hex or a curse on me. I’ve been having frightning nightmares thesepast few days andI hear things and see things out ofthecorer of my eye. I know about ghosts and demons and god help I think I have one around me. I have bad eye problems for the past fewmonths and the doctor says there’s nothing wrogso you tell me.


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